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The Angry Viking

Eric Ericson is an actor, writer and artist. Eric got the name “The Angry Viking” while doing stand up comedy in Los Angeles. He is a direct descendant of the Yngling Viking Dynasty. In 2013, after a series of eye opening personal events, Eric underwent a life change and dropped over 60 pounds. It has reenergized his acting career as he is now being cast in action roles and performing stunts and fights, as well as opening up modeling opportunities. We have conducted an interview with him:

How does having the name 'The Angry Viking' makes an impact in your career so far?

I got the name The Angry Viking when I was doing stand-up comedy. One night after my set, the host called me an “Angry $^%& Viking.” The name stuck, minus the “$^%&.” People seem to remember the name, but it definitely creates a pre-impression before someone gets to know me. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not so much.

What is the role you play in the 'David & Goliath' action film? Do you like this character?
I play The Lion Warrior. In the Biblical tale, David comes up against a lion and a bear. In this film, the animals are replaced by warriors that David must battle. The movie is incredibly gritty and visceral. I don’t think anyone has ever approached the story this way.

It’s a cool concept and I had fun playing Lion. It was action heavy, but there are still fun ways to make the action unique and character based with quirks and personality traits. We worked closely with stunt director Luke Lafontaine and really tried to maintain that warrior mentality through the entire fight, which is a long drag out battle in the desert. I’m excited about the final project, scheduled to be released this spring.

When did you start to get involved in performing and which kind of gigs do you enjoy doing most?
I’ve been performing and writing since I was a teenager, although I did take same time off after becoming a bit disillusioned. I started writing and shooting photography before circling back to acting.

I’m really enjoying the current action and stunt work I’ve been doing. This year I started training in muay thai, so I can bring that discipline and knowledge to my stunt work and it’s helped me grow as a performer.

To lose more than 60 pounds is not an easy task, what caused such a great change? And which perspectives in your life have change the most after you lose weight?
As I said, I had moved away from performing and had been working behind the camera. I finally reached a point where I missed performing and starting acting again. But something just wasn’t right. I was doing ADR (additional dialogue recording) on a film I was in and I saw myself projected up on the screen and for the first time really noticed how much weight I had gained.

Around the same time a friend of mine from college dropped dead at his daughter’s soccer game and it was a wake up call. I decided I wanted to restructure my entire life- diet, exercise and my overall look.

In mid 2013, I began a strict diet and workout regiment and was able to drop from my high of 250 pounds down to nearly 180 pounds in less than six months. Then I began a rebuild program adding muscle, adding about 20 pounds of it.

My entire life has changed. I’m auditioning and reading for roles I never thought I could and I have opportunities I’ve only dreamed of. In the spring, I will be featured on the cover of a romance novel as well as being “Mr. May” in the 2015 Man and Machine calendar.

If you can choose to work with someone famous, who would you choose?
I would really like to work with one of the greats on a character driven film. A film where you get to spend a great deal of time with another actor. Not just to perform, but to learn from them. Pacino, DeNiro. Or Matthew McConaughe, who has hit an amazing groove right now. Working with him would be amazing. To feed of that energy.

Plus, I would love to work in the large ensemble universe of a DC or Marvel comics project. The inner geek in me trembles with excitement at the chance to play Lobo or Vandal Savage or another legendary comic character in the cinematic sandboxes they are creating.

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