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Vera Wear Project

The Vera Wear Project, a model search competition, is scheduled in Houston, Texas, February 2015. The Vera Wear Project will challenge models hopefuls in a variety of real world challenges and business situations with one spokesmodel and 4 models that will represent his fast growing clothing brand Vera wear. We have conducted an interview with Angel Rivera.

What is the concept of Vera Wear?
The concept of Vera Wear is to bring a new perspective into the fashion and entertainment world. Vera Wear is an outlet for us to show the world new talent and trends.

Who is behind it?
Behind Vera Wear, are many including my COO Sabrina Soto, Who is by far a strong component in the company. I think in order to have a great company you need great leadership and it starts with me, I have to be the best in order to have a good foundation to allow everyone within my company to succeed.

From pop culture to entertainment, exclusive models, shows, columns, clothing lines, celebrity clothing lines, designers, jewelry, and fragrances, which are the most important pillars for a fashionable brand to be successful?
All. I find that all are important pillars for a fashionable brand to be successful because it really all comes down to the creative aspect of it all. You can have all the celebrities in the world, all the hottest models, fancy jewelry lines etc. But without the creative and original factors playing into your brand then you’re just like everyone else. It’s about how you market yourself and how much you believe in your brand.

What is your key strategy to revolutionize the fashion and entertainment world?
My key strategy to revolutionize the fashion and entertainment world is simple. Staying true to my brand and what it stands for. Originality.

In your opinion as the CEO of a multi-layered lifestyle brand, what are the main challenges to maintain the leadership positioning in this industry?
As the CEO of Vera Wear there are many challenges I face, but these same challenges allow me to continue working hard and delivering a great product to my customers and fans. I believe this allows me to maintain leadership in this industry.

When will the Vera Wear Model Search be launched?
The Vera Wear model search will be launched January 5th, 2015.

How does the Vera Wear Models differentiate from the other models?
The Vera Wear models differentiate from the other models because we are not just looking for a model but a spokes model, someone who can represent our brand beyond photos or the runway.

What are the criteria(s) should a Vera Wear Model have?
The Vera Wear models criteria would be that the models are preferably 5’6 and above and older than 18.
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