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Your Streamlined Life

Kerry Petsinger lives in the U.S.A. and runs Your Streamlined Life. The purpose of the business is to help people spend their time doing what they love. It's about getting rid of the junk in our lives that prevents us from doing what we love. We have conducted an interview with her:

What is the main purpose of your business ''? teaches you how to spend your time doing what you love. By living a streamlined life, you are able to focus your time on what matters most to you. You can become the Best You possible, truly feel alive and fulfilled, and build your legacy.

How is it possible for people to actually make the necessary changes desired in their lives?
Once you have defined your priorities, make a list of all the other weekly obligations that get in your way. Get rid of whatever you can that doesn’t actually improve your life. Then, focus on one area of your life at a time to streamline.

For example, if you decide that you want to streamline your home life, plan to tackle one room at a time, and really focus on the habits you have that make the room messy, cluttered, and inefficient. Do you throw your mail on the kitchen table when you arrive home from work? Can you designate a spot for incoming/outgoing mail, and choose a time to sort/open/respond to mail? Once you have designed a system for this task, make sure everyone in the family knows how the system works. Try it for one week, and then make adjustments if needed.

Do you provide advice to someone with a problem of being fixed on their habits? What are your tips?
Choose one habit you want to change and begin taking tiny steps toward your goal. If you want to exercise regularly, having a starting plan of 45 minutes per day is intimidating. Instead, start exercising 3 minutes per day. Three minutes is doable and will build your confidence. Seemingly small victories are very important and should be celebrated. Sharing your goals with supportive people is imperative to success – having encouraging people in your life is extremely important!

In your opinion, how effective are 'New Year's resolutions'? Why do you think so?
According to a study by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88% of New Year's resolutions are broken. Resolutions frequently fail because they are not specific enough, they do not include the habits a person needs to actually achieve the goal, they aren’t personal enough, and they don’t require people to be all in. Visit to read more about New Year’s resolutions and how to reach your goals for this year.

How to help someone identify what they love doing?
It can be hard for people to figure out what they love doing, especially if they have felt “stuck” for quite some time and feel burdened by obligations and financial stress. I ask people, “Is there something you do that causes you to lose track of time?” Also, I advise them to get away somewhere peaceful and inspiring, and write about their ideal imaginary life – how they would spend time if finances, daily chores, and current obligations were not an issue. If they can define their ideal life, they can start streamlining their life so they can spend time on their priorities.

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