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1Branch graphic design and web development

Paul Etienne from Naples, FL is graphic designer and web developer and the founder of 1Branch. We have conducted a short interview with him.

How does 1Branch differs in social networking features in comparison to Facebook?
We are a Christian social networking platform, so that makes it different from everything you’ve heard about before because the environment is different. It also connects Christians with other Christians based on their denominations through features like “Branching and prayer box”. We have top stories where we share trending news about the Christian faith, and we also have a feature called “Broadcast” where we share Christian related videos.

What kind of problems does it solve, and why is it necessary to use 1Branch?
1Branch is a platform that links you automatically with members who share your denomination, and from there you can ask questions anonymously about things you don’t like, understand, or that confuse, and even about secrets your denomination may have.

You have experiences in developing games, web, mobile, app. What was your personal motivation to create this religious social networking platform?
I am a Christian, and I have been going to church for a long time, but at some point I realized I did not understand the purpose behind a lot of things, and since I have been going to church for so long I felt a little embarrassed to ask about things that I “think” I should know. This was one of my personal motivations to develop 1Branch. We want every single member to have the opportunity to share all that they find positive with their faith a well as a chance to explore difficult questions amongst themselves, and they have the choice to do so anonymously also.

About the 'anonymous' posting, what is the current outlet for people who wants to post about things they don't understand or confused with?
I don’t know any Christian outlet, but I think there’s an app called “Whisper” that let people share relatable situations anonymously, but 1Branch is more than just posting things anonymously. 1Branch is a platform that helps people find their true purpose as a Christian.

Where can people who are interested find this platform?
1Branch is available now for people who want to join at and we also have the 1Branch app in the Apple App Store, and in Google Play

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