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Jackie Kotei is a marketing strategist helping people step into the spotlight, build their buzz and attract ideal clients. We have conducted a short interview with her asking about her life changing summit event empowering people to “Do What You Love.”

What is your personal favourite strategy about online presence and attracting ideal clients? Why.
My favourite strategy is all about helping to build momentum around what it is they are passionate about. My upcoming summit delves into this more by sharing tips to help you build a powerful online presence, attract ideal clients and make your first six figures. If a profitable business is at the top of a person's wish list, you don’t want to miss this event. It begins in just a few days and you can participate from anywhere in the world! It is FREE, these interviews aren’t the usual format of people just telling their “rise to the top” stories. There’s a great chance you’ll get an answer you have been waiting for.

Which is the most challenging aspect about organising this life-changing event “Do What You Love: Top CEOs Share How to Powerful Online Presence, Attract Ideal Clients and Make Your First Six Figures? 
The most challenging part has been to remain committed to my vision during all stages of the production process. Organising a summit with 35+ experts from all over the world is a huge undertaking. Being able to stay focused and tuned in to the vision has been a challenge but totally worth it. Those who attend will walk away with a great blueprint for success.

What inspires you to organise this life changing summit?
My inspiration comes from being personally a living proof that a strong online presence can make a massive difference to my bottom line. It would typically cost thousands of dollars to work with some of these experts but during the course of this event you will hear their go-to strategies for free. Knowing that lives will be changes as a result of this is so inspiring to me!

What are the frequently asked questions by attendees?
Everything from how to close your ideal clients and how to master social media to how to break through the six figure ceiling. If you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at a “top experts” business meeting, this is your opportunity. We delve in deep to how to leverage the internet by building a powerful online presence.

How many business leaders are offering their advice for everyone?
What immediate actions would you like prospective attendees to take? We have 35 top business leaders sharing about how to build a profitable online presence. Check this out! FAST and EASY ways to build a powerful online presence to grow their biz. This is a FREE training from top business leaders. These are practical steps they can implement immediately. Sign up for free and grab the spot!

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