pd brody

Pd brody, son of Hoboken musician Don Brody and 2013 Jersey Acoustic Music (JAM) Award nominee, has played shows with Greg Lemaire, Rachel Miller, Spots, and The Racer among others.

Based out of Union, New Jersey, pd brody has been making a name for himself playing clubs and restaurant venues across the area. His sets include original songs as well as cover tunes and some of his Dad's work, providing an eclectic mix of emotional lyrics and arrangements. 

His songs speak to a wide range of audiences and universal themes. Onstage, pd brody engages the audience, providing background to his songs and hopes to inspire listeners to see themselves in his writing. 

In his own words, pd brody says, “I want my music to mean something...I want people to feel what I feel when I’m singing, and be humming the hooks when they leave...because that’s what it’s about...giving them something they can hold on to.”

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