Belitsoft is an outsource software development company from Belarus, Minsk. Since 2004 they provide software development services for start-ups and large-scale companies all over the world. We have conducted a short interview with them.

Why so many people prefer to outsource their projects to Belarus?
That’s an interesting and very positive question. In my opinion many things have changed lately and people started to look at Eastern Europe. This region was always famous for its experts in IT sphere and recently Forbes confirmed – «Belarus is a perfect place for making business with Minsk IT Companies». That’s why Belitsoft and many other Belarusian companies can be distinguished by its professional approach and expertise.

How do you describe Belitsoft's key services and what is unique about your solutions?
Belitsoft key service is custom development for middle size (500-1500 estimated hours) projects such as ERP, CRM, social communities and mobile projects. We also have very solid expertise (8 years) on developing custom e-learning projects for educational and corporate sectors. One of our advantage is creating offshore development center for overseas clients on long term basis. We know how to organize it proper way to prevent some obstacles connected with distance, time zone differences and different cultures issues.

What is the Belitsoft's individual approach to every client?
Our management staff is stable (the average period for line manager on working in Belitsoft is 5 -7 years). It means that all expertise how to work successfully with clients is accumulating inside Belitsoft. Each of our client has special dedicated account manager (as additional option for our technical staff) which try to help as overall and justice control for some situations. Also we have our internal quality standards which we try to use in any situations. In two words it looks like this: In spite of the fact that situations with clients and projects can be different (sometimes there is no success) try to do the best as you can, and you will surprise that this bad situation will work for you, because you did everything to solve the issue.

What kind of business and domain expertise and strengths does your team possess?
We can be called as stable! Since 2004 we are working in software development field and now we are able to prove our expertise in PHP development, developing of ERP systems and Microsoft Products. So we are experienced in these fields and definitely feel our strength in it. Besides that we can use any other platform, mentioned on the website. We’ll be happy to discuss it in more details and we are always opened for any cooperation.

Which is/are the most impressive and challenging amongst the 40+ project cases which Belitsoft has undertaken so far?

We are always here to provide you with better solutions. Feel free to visit our website and headquarters in Minsk.

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