Interview with Isley Reust

Isley Reust is a transgender artist who just moved to Silver Lake, CA from SF. She plays in a band called Spectacular Spectacular. Their debut album comes out in June followed by a U.S & Canada tour. We have conducted a short interview with her.

How has music been an impact on you from the beginning til today being the Isley Reust as you are?
Music has always played a significant role in my life starting with my adolescence. The first artist I ever felt I had a real connection with was Nirvana and Shirley Manson from Garbage when I was about 12 years old. When I was 14 I discovered my what would be all time influential guitar player to date who played a major impact on my life and developing my style John Frusciante. I remember being 18 years old when I had my first run in with John Frusciante. I ended up at the Troubadour randomly one evening to catch a set from am amazing band called Autolux. Later that night John Frusciante, Giovanni Ribsi and I ended talking and having a great discussion about music and life. Inside I was obviously freaking out but I kept that excitement inside. Over the years artist like Cat Power, CocoRosie and Sigur Ros would heavily influence my music and passions. I love when you discover an artist in your adolescence and then 10 years later you can listen to them again and put together what you were feeling at that point in your past. My favorite part of that is the scents that were around, weather and personal feelings.

When is your band debuting your album? Which is your favourite song in that album and why?
Spectacular Spectacular's debut album comes out in June. That's a tough question, but I'd have to say my favorite song on the record would be "Wake Me Up" it's going to be the open song on the album. That song is just so diverse and different, you think you're going on one journey or direction and then it abruptly changes course and takes you in a completely different direction. my favorite song that we recorded on the album would be "Blur". It was such a intimate recording, Jessica and I recorded it live together in the same room. We had a bunch candles all over the studio, the lights were out and it was probably 4am and the feelings we were all going through that particular night were so magical.

Are you also working on a film? Which is your role or character in the film, what are your personal expectation of this production?
I am indeed. The film is based on the life and journey of a transgender woman. She is trying to figure her life out and overcomes many hurdles and obstacles over the course of many years that life has thrown at her. The direction of the film is very fairytalish and whimsical. So far we've shot in various beautiful locations across the pacific northwest. This is a project that is dear to me so we're trying to do it right. Tony Minas is the director and a very talented individual.

What is the most challenging aspect for you and your band in the music industry today?
I think the most challenging aspect is just staying true to ourselves as artist and what we believe in. I feel if you're true to that then people will respect that and be drawn to you and what you're creating.

In the near future (5 years), what do you hope to achieve in the creative music field?
I'd like to win a Grammy and just have this be my life, tour the world and create music.

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