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Jenna Warren’s Next Step

Every generation and culture has a defining show of their youth. From the Mickey Mouse Club to Saved by the Bell to Degrassi, these shows create a shared experience. They also foster the young talent which appears on them, ala Drake (who played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi). Frank van Keeken, known for creating shows like The Kids in the Hall and Wingin' It, turned his concept of a youth program about dancers into The Next Step. The series has already received accolades which include Canadian Screen Awards, Gemini Awards, and BAFTA awards. The show capitalizes on the varied youth dance culture and is already a certified ratings success airing on more than one hundred networks worldwide, including on NBC’s Universal Kids network and the Family Channel. The Next Step was the first official television hit for Canada’s own Jenna Warren . Landing the role of J Troupe dancer Camille at only twelve-years old has resulted in Warren’s maturation as a young lady and an actor/dancer literally before the public’s eyes.

The role of Camille solidified viewers’ connection to Jenna early on. As one of the J Troupe dancers who aspired to be in the main dance team, her story was synonymous with any young person struggling to attain their dream and become an achiever. When Camille’s positive attitude presented grace and determination resonated with many fans. Her character’s specialty in jazz and contemporary dance gave Jenna the opportunity to showcase her exceptional abilities in this arena. Three seasons have provided evidence of Jenna’s growth and capabilities as both an actress and dancer. However, the biggest adjustment for her has been off camera. Warren describes, “When the show first came out, and I started getting recognized here and there, it was a little weird to me. I couldn’t understand why young kids wanted to meet me, get pictures, sign autographs and so on. I was just me, nothing too exciting about that! As the show progressed and became more popular, I was getting recognized more and more in public and on social media. I remember thinking to myself “wow… this is so cool, I never want this to end!’ I was getting recognized at school by kids I didn’t know. People at my dance studio whom I had known for years were suddenly asking for pictures. At sporting events and dance competitions, parents and their kids would come up to me to talk and ask for a photo. There have been a number of times when I have been followed into the washroom and around the mall. I’ll admit, it’s really cool to feel like I was inspiring kids in some way. Professionally, it has helped me become well-known in the industry with casting directors and other successful actors. Being associated with this show has helped me create a name for myself due to the show’s immense popularity. It’s given me a platform to start my following on social media and the beginning of my fan base.”

Plans and offers for feature films are in the works for Jenna Warren’s immediate future. The television and film industry have paid notice to what this young talent has to offer. Possibly the greatest question is which direction Jenna will pursue; acting, dancing, or perhaps some other creative format? She’s already proven that she has the bandwidth to tackle multiple artistic pursuits simultaneously. Warren’s ever increasing fan base will be following her for the ride, whichever direction she chooses.

Written by Kelly King

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