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Joseph Gissy is a Financial Advisor for Capital Management Services, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. His company gives people easy and affordable financial planning as well as access to many other financial services via their fingertips. We have conducted a short interview with him:

How can someone know if he or she should start a debt reduction plan? And how to execute it effectively?
Anytime a person has debt, they should start a debt reduction plan. However, the best plans start even before they get into debt of course but that is not necessarily the case with most people. We find ourselves wrapped in debt where credit cards, loans and all our other bills start to get out of control. Just having a conversation with a financial advisor or consultant can help you start in the right direction. Using financial software to plan out and manage debt is one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your finances as well as they typically create a solid plan to move forward. The software we work with actually pulls all your financial information from various banks and institutions and allows you to view all your accounts in one place in real time. This is especially helpful for those that have multiple bank accounts, retirement accounts or investment accounts.

What are the trends of financial advice required today?
It seems that many services are popping up online today and many individuals want to find a financial advisor that is easily accessible. That is what why we created our platform so that a person can actually ask us financial questions and get quick advice without ever leaving their homes. Another trend is on overall planning packages. We start people off with a simple budget and from there we can go into an overall life plan. This helps people realize that saving for retirement is actually pretty easy, but they just need a few simple adjustments and they can get started. We even show people how to pay off debt, save for college or even save to make a large purchase such as a vehicle or home.

How do you describe the ease for your clients to obtain affordable retirement & financial planning advices from you and your company?
Just like we described when we talked about the trends in financial advice today we start with a financial budget to get moving in the right direction. From there advice is always free from us and we can work on a retirement account or plan with our clients. We do not charge commissions ever so our clients can rest assured we are not going to make them purchase a product that they don’t want or need. We assess every situation and cater a plan accordingly. When we set up a retirement or investment account for a client we only charge a fee based upon the assets that we manage. That is called Fee-Only wealth management and it really does keep the clients best interest first in the financial planning process.

What is so special about the kind of financial advisory services, management and consultancy you provide online?
First and foremost you are getting a real person with a financial license. We are not a simple robotic system or program where you just input some values and an algorithm spits out a plan for you. We actually analyze and evaluate your needs and talk to you about them. Secondly, we have a proud history of customer service with our clients. We pride ourselves on giving superior service with minimal cost to our clients. We are very transparent with our services and do our best to explain all our services to our clients the best we can.

Who inspired you to start the online version of the financial advisory services?
When I first started in this industry I was shocked that there is such a lack of simple financial understanding in our society. Most of the fundamentals of saving, how credit works, how to create a financial plan, how to save for retirement are all completely skipped over in our prime education years. As I have started working with clients it became apparent that I needed to create a service that is easy to access and almost anyone can obtain it. That’s why I needed to create an easy to use platform online for people. The who needs to really start with the younger generation. Just having some simple financial guidance can make a major impact on their life during retirement. That doesn’t mean that those nearing or in retirement can’t set or fix their current plans. Often times I found that simple small adjustments can yield great long term results. There is also so many other factors that come into play with Insurances, Living Trusts, Wills, Wealth Management and more. We just wanted to create a simple platform where people can get personalized help with ease.

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