Matt Anton SEO Explains The Need For Business Optimization

Matt Anton is an online marketer living in New Jersey, with his wife Cassandra, and daughter Olivia. He's primarily a software and product creator, with his latest release, SafeRankBacklinks a guaranteed SEO rank increase service in Google.

How long does it take to see the results using the latest release of your service helps to increase the SEO rank?
After doing SEO for 10 years, many things have changed. In the past, and sometimes during algorithm updates you can see changes within hours of your marketing efforts, but typically 60 days is an appropriate window of time, which is why we have the 100% guarantee of rankings increasing within this time, or a full refund. We also see many campaigns jump around day 45, but we have seen changes earlier and some later. It's a game of quality actions taken daily to safely increase rankings

What are the most important aspects of ensuring safe backlinks?
Thousands of webmasters have been hit by various search engine algorithm updates over the years; if you aren't pushing the envelope and testing with personal sites you will never know where the ceiling is; after investing over 6 figures in a true safe system, we now have a cloud based solution that is a combination of Virtual Assistants, Software, and assets. It's this three headed approach which gives safe rankings because nothing is forced and everything is done daily.

Could you tell us more about how you guarantee rankings for your clients?
SEO has become a gamble for many, and we want to take the risk out of the client's hands and put it squarely on our shoulders. We are able to put up our own capital, team and resources because we are very confident in our abilities. Not all campaigns are a success, and we'll gladly refund (usually underlying website penalties or Onpage SEO issues), but the majority are successful because we have skin in the game and a vested interest for you to succeed.

How much does it cost?
SafeRankBacklinks cost varies based on the keyword competition, i.e. New York Lawyer would cost more than Alaska Nanny Service; that said, we have true reseller pricing, meaning we have wholesale SEO rates, so web designers and other marketing agencies can white label without fear of wasting profit margin, while they focus on sales and growth, with us on the backend servicing each sale on autopilot.

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