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End Burn Out - Reclaim Your Happiness and Wealth With Your Brain

Nadia Vincent is an IT Management Consultant. Every day Nadia deals with a lot of stress and challenges in her personal and professional lives. A few years ago, she suffered from burnout. Nadia organized an international team of top brain researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists and internationally known personal development coaches and started the "End Burn Out" project. Soon she is launching a book and a self-help program. We have conducted a short interview with her.

Who are you addressing to in your new book "Sharp In" and “End Burn Out”?
Sharp In and End Burn Out were created for intellectual workers and other people who experience a lot of stress daily and often feel overwhelmed. It is also for people on the verge of being burned out or who are experiencing burnout. Often, they are high achievers and / or the ones who always care for others.

What are essentially the important sign(s) to identify a person being stressed and burned out?Physical and emotional exhaustion, Insomnia, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, anxiety, and chronic fatigue are common symptoms.

  •  Those who suffer from burn-out may feel like there is not enough hours in the day and too many high priority things to get done. They work long and extensive hours daily and find little time for themselves or for things other than work. 
  • They may feel unfulfilled in how they spend their day. 
  • They may be disengaged with their work or lacking purpose, even if they earn a lot of money from it. 
  • They feel their energy has been sucked out of them and are often too tired. 
  • They can feel so overwhelmed by so many things that it is like their brains are on fire.

What is the prime self-help tip which you want to give to help people reclaim their happiness? 
My prime self-help tip for them is about the importance of self-care. Regardless of their circumstances, they must take care of themselves first so that they can better navigate life. I am not speaking about a superficial care only, but their inner-self that conditions who they are and where they will find strength, purpose, guidance and their happiness. This is based on what the latest discoveries of brain science and neuroplasticity reveals to us. We can access and care for our inner-being through appropriate innercises®. Like exercise which is for the outer body, innercises® are done with the brain.

Several medical associations around the world reported that between 70 to 90% of medical consultations are related to stress. Unfortunately, people are often redirected to the pharmaceutical industry and use prescription drugs or other substances, which has created more dependencies than cures. Therefore so many people are taking happy pills, pain killers, sleeping pills, anxiety reduction pills, etc—but they are giving up their true happiness and freedom in the long run.  

According to several neuroscientists, and I cite Mark Waldman (one of the top brain scientists in the world) 98% of what we knew about our brain that is older than 5 years is irrelevant today. Our brain holds the secret for our well-being, our happiness and success. That also means, we can use our brain against our happiness. We can reprogram our brain to the extent of erasing some of our DNA. With what we know today about the brain through neuroplasticity, medical science has joined forces with other different fields such as psychology, technology and personal development to help people reclaim their happiness and their well-being.  

As a project manager, I have lead such projects with top international experts to develop a solution that helps better manage stress, prevent and care for burnout and that finally promote happiness through self-care.
If people wants to find out more about this tip/event/module, where can they find your program? 
They can find the book Sharp on Amazon here: and the “End Burn Out” program on

I am inviting them to a virtual launch webinar happening on October 1st. It is free! I will deliver valuable and transformational information to them. More than that, 5 other professionals will be there as guest-speakers to contribute to this webinar event. They will deliver value to participants regarding many areas that cause stress in our lives including health, work, emotional issues, finances, business, weight and well-being. 

Are you extending an offer to readers seeing this? 
I invite readers to find out more and register on 

I also offer free upon registration a “Stress Management” module which is part of my End Burn Out program. The module includes an audiobook titled “How to manage stress effectively” and a brain reprogramming (or neuro-programming) session for healing and recovering from stress. 

It is all available on 

Space is limited so I invite the reader to reserve immediately.

I invite readers to register and attend to the launch webinar event. They will already receive the Stress Management for free upon registration. During the webinar, besides receiving high value free from our specialists, they will also benefit from special pricing on the End Burn Out program and some valuable gifts and bonuses that I will offer to participants live. All that will not be available outside of the webinar event. 

If you are reading this after October 1st, I am still offering the Stress Management module free to anyone interested in my solutions. You can access the “Stress Management” module then on our website

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