Interview with S Enjavi from Blue Alert, Denmark.

Interview with S. Enjavi from Blue Alert, Denmark. Published at American Journal of Science. 2015
Professor Enjavi is a danish inventor and a well known IoT expert. He is the founder and of 14 European high tech startups. He was nominated as country's top innovative people in 2012 and 2015. The American journal of science has made a short interview with him about his new NGO called "Internet of Things".

"Everything that could be connected, would be connected" 

1. Please elaborate the term "Internet of Things"? 

I start with my latest Motto, dedicated to Internet of Things: "Everything that could be connected, would be connected" 

Now let me explain for you: The Internet of Things (IoT) and in Danish (Tingenes internet) is an umbrella term used to describe the next step in the evolution of the Internet. While the first phase of the web can be thought of as a combination of an internet of hyper-text documents and an internet of applications (think blogs, online email, social sites, etc.), now the next and maybe the final step is an Internet of augmented ‘smart’ objects – or ‘things’ – being accessible to human beings and each other over network connections. This is the internet of Things. 

2. Where did the idea of IoT come from? 

It actually started in my dream and I do consider myself the father of IoT! It was maybe more than 12 years ago, when I was sitting at home watching TV, and dreaming that my TV could talk to my refrigrator and ask if there was cold water inside (or maybe I dreamed if I could use my TV control to check inside the fridge). I believe it was where the theory of IoT started. This month, Finn Rosenkranz, Flemming Bach and Nilas Bay-foged and I created this NGO and a platform where the Government and the industry leaders will together create IoT for the country. 

3. Tell us about your IoT NGO and what are the benefits to have NGO in this area? 

We are proud to start the 1st European NGO on let's say "the Philosophy" of the Internet of Things. This NGO is founded in response to the growing debate surrounding the Internet of Things and it's potential impact upon society. We are also holding many Workshops and conferences seeking to open up dialogue regarding the impact of the Internet of Things upon everyday life and providing a space for thinkers and innovators to critically examine, theorise, and debate the social, political, ethical, epistemic, ontological and civic ramifications of these new technologies. 

4. How do you manage your time with being so multi-talented in many different work dimensions?

Well, this is a hard question to answer! I simply don't sleep more than 3 hours and do not waste my time on family, travels, and other normal affairs. I have had no weekends and absolutely no holidays for the last 5 years! But I prefer to answer to technical aspect of the issue. The world is now in a deep crisis and in big need for a real technology revolution. People are dying everyday of wars, and hunger we need to go stratight forward to IoT, not to let it reamin as a theory for next years to come. This technology is a real game changer and we should do it together. 

5. What is going beyond systems of systems, how connected are Europeans already? 

I believe it is no longer the question of if we want to be connected to IoT, the question is how far we are and when will be integrated to IoT. As for Denmark, it has always been the first country to implement the new technologies and to create the infrustructure for it's people to use the high-tech. I know that they are holding high level meetings in the Government now to make sure the Government is supporting IoT national projects. They are also thinking to have the first ministry of IoT and there has been a big support for the project inside danish parliament. We are now working closely with some members of the parliament and we are holing the first scandinavian workshop of IoT for the country and industry leaders next month. We will be presenting the new concept for the country leaders and industry managers showing the unique road map on how the legislation should be supportive and how the Government should invest in changing the country infrustructure. Also designing how we interact with arrays of new devices will be a major challenge of the internet of things. So we will discuss on how the industrial section should be integrated with IoT. 

You are welcome to register online in our open source NGO, if you also believe that "Anything that could be connected, 

Would be connected": 
twitter: net_of_things 
Phone: +45.4241.7244

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