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Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer: Coming out the other side

Alfred Samuels is the Author of a book titled "Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer:Coming out the other side." We have conducted a short interview with him.

How did you arrive at the title for your book, "Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer: Coming out the other side"? 
After writing a draft of my book the title became clear. As I read back through my draft, I realised that I actually thought that Prostate Cancer could not touch my world. Having lived in a world of perceived invincibility as a "Bodyguard to major Celebrities and security advisor to a number of government agencies" a false sense of I could not be touched existed. So when it did occur it was hard for me to understand and all I could say was 'Why me' then I realised that I was not Mr. Invincible.

Which is the key most important myth about this disease? 
Men seem to treat Prostate Cancer as a taboo word and as such dismiss the dangers of the disease. If I am to be honest anything that affects our masculinity causes us to withdraw into a shell and sense of denial. This is not the way we should be heading at all.

What resources and links does your book provide to prevention and coping with the disease, other than highlighting the risks and dangers? 
The book resources come from in-depth medical research carried out from the likes of Prostate Research UK and its findings. There is a link to bona-fide factual evidence

At which stage do you expect your readers to have been to start reading about your book? 
To be quite honest pre, actual and post cancer phases ....The fact is that forewarned is forearmed in my mind...The book acts as an inspirational monument to all sufferer's, survivors and those who have beaten cancer and not necessarily Prostate cancer alone, any cancer. Partners of men are not exempt nor their families. Sometimes family members are the first to learn of a loved one’s cancer diagnosis. When people with cancer are told about their diagnosis, they are not always able to make important decisions about treatment and their life. Even when a person has a cancer with a good chance for cure, they still need to discuss treatment options and goals, long-term treatment outcomes, and decisions about possible end-of-life care, including advance directives with their doctors and families.

If our readers would like to find out where to buy your book, where can they find it? 
My book is available through several thousand online retailers; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Price Minister, Powell Int'l. to mention but a few.

Alfred Samuels
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