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Mikel & B Chuck Talks Sound Of Trinity Comic Book

Mikel Comic Book Writer and B.Chuck Comic Book Artist are about to create their comic book named: Sound of Trinity. We have conducted a short interview with them.

What is it about Manga that interest you? 
BC:Interestingly enough, I've never really gotten into manga persay. It's anime that I've been addicted to. It's not a big reason why, it's just not as convenient for me to read manga. But the few times I have sat down and read, each and everyone one I gave a shot just sucked me in. There are many reasons why I love manga. I'll give a few. For one, the art. Manga art is just something that has always fascinated me. From the different variations of pen shading, to creative screen tones, to beautiful portrayals of emotion, to intense action scenes. When I'm reading a manga, I want it to feel like I'm watching an anime. And so many I've read has done that for me.

M:The thing about Manga that interests me is the fact that most of the Manga out there are in black & white. I was so used to reading comic books in colour, and now to see stories being told in black and white; it’s like watching TV in the 1950s. The first time I picked up a Manga, I was like "WHAT?! WHERE ARE ALL THE COLOURS??!"…haha I asked my friend, who is big on Manga, about it and he said that Manga are supposed to be black & white. Ever since then, I’ve been reading Manga.

What is your specialty in the Manga style of illustrations? 
BC: my opinion, I wouldn't say I have any specialties. There are things I'm better at than others, but overall I'd say I still greatly lack in every aspect of my drawing. But of course, that comes with being your own worst judge. Though If I was to list some of the things I'd say I'm better at, than proportions would be the first thing that comes to mind. My sense of proportion is one of the few things I pride myself on with my drawing. It's also something that I can tell I've really improved on since the start of my first work Penparu. I'll look back at the first few pages I made, and cringe so hard at how off the proportions were. But that, along with everything else, has slowly been getting better and better. And I hope to keep improving. My goal is to get to the point where I can say that everything is my specialty........Even though, I probably wouldn't say that even if I did get to that point XD

What is your book about? 
M: So the book is called "Sound Of Trinity" and it’s basically about 3 characters: Shane, Yumiko & Curtis. All of them have very unique personalities and they decide to get together to make a hip hop group. The story follows their journey; the conflicts, the triumphs and the different relationships formed. I’m very excited about this project.

BC: Oho, you want spoilers do you? Sadly, I can't give to much of the story away, but I can give you brief summary. Basically Shane, Curtis, and Yumiko, are these three people with completely different personalities that come together in the strangest way. Through trials and tribulation, they decide to start a hip hop band. But of course, they're opposite personalities are constantly clashing. Which leads to many arguments. And I can't really share much more than that. I'm sure you've got tons of questions, but none that I can answer right now.....unless they're like......"how tall is Yumiko?" Ya know, questions like that. Those are fine!

Who is it suitable for and what is the theme or messages within your comic book? 
B.C I always try and keep my manga family friendly. I want to tell the same stories that most manga's do, but leave out all the language, sex, vulgarity, fan service, all that stuff. That was actually a driving force for me to start my manga. I love the stories, characters, emotion, interaction, all that good stuff that you see in anime, and yet so much of these stories are ruined by them throwing boobs in your face and pantyshots. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a straight guy so it's not like that stuff displeases me entirely, but I just don't think it's necessary to put it in 90% of the anime I've seen. It's just not needed. If you want to see boobs, go watch porn. I don't want to see it in my stories. I want to try and prove to Japan that you don't need that stuff in your shows to make them successful. That's why I leave out all of that stuff, and have no intention of ever changing that.

For what the message of my comics are...well, one message that I want to give from my comics is one that's a little more personal. So I'll have to refrain from sharing that info. But overall, I want the messages of my comics to be...something that people can turn to when they're hurting or feeling down. A message that can bring people up. A message that can let people know that they're not alone in what they're going through. With my stories, all of my characters have something going on in their lives. Something that their dealing with. Problems that I hope many people can relate to. And then i want to SMASH THESE ISSUES IN THE FACE!!! Tell them not be ashamed for who they are!!! Or to fight against something that's pulling them down! Or to stand up when everyone else falls! I want my message to be hope...hope that this cruel and demented world can be changed. If just a few of us are willing to stand up to it........and yes, I know that sounded cliche, but it's the truth :)

M: lol I agree with Ben we absolutely want to put out a positive message with "Sound Of Trinity"

Hip Hop vs Pop Rock, do you think it affects the way you style your characters in your book? If yes, in which ways? 
M: Yes, I think they are the two musical genres that define the culture that we live in today. However, some or most people who like hip hop don’t like pop rock and vice versa. I personally like hip hop, but I’m always willing to listen to pop rock. One character in our book likes pop rock, but isn’t too much into hip hop. The other two characters like both hip hop and pop rock. In this book, we are trying to get rid of the stereotype that people who like one of the genres also like the other.

BC: It can affect it, yes, but does it need to? No. When I say Hip Hop, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the same thing you'd think of If I was to say Pop Rock? Probably not. But see, that right there is called stereotyping. We're stereotyping what we believe are the kind of people that listen to either Hip hop or Pop Rock. Now is this stereotype completely wrong? No, stereotypes are there for a reason. I'm sure most people that listen to hip hop are the people that would fit the stereotype. But it doesn't need to be that way. 

What are your future plans about publishing work and creative art? 
M: Our future plans include is to try publish the 1st volume of "Sound of Trinity" on iTunes and google play. also Ben has a project of his own that he is working on right now In terms of the creative art part, you’re going to have to ask Ben about that because I'm not the artist he is…hahaha.

BC: Oh boy, I could go on forever with this question. With publishing my work, I do intend to try and get the first volume of my manga, Penparu, published once I get the first volume completed. Will I be able to though? That's something I'm not sure about. I haven't the slightest clue what it takes to getting a work (especially a manga) published. So it's definitely going to be an adventure on my part. But one things for sure, I'm not gonna give up trying. With creative art, I honestly don't draw much outside of my manga. I've just never seen the point. Because for me, I honestly don't get much joy out of drawing. Lol, I know,shocking right. Now I'm sure all of you are asking why I'm trying to draw for a living when I don't even really like it? 

If you could work on a game (app) which character(s), design and development work would you like to undertake further? 
M: I can answer this Actually, I’m currently working on a game app for the iTunes app store. It’s called "Box Out All-Stars" a lot of characters are my friends. but that’s all I’m going to tell you…hahaha. I definitely cannot wait for you guys to play it!

"Click Here To" Pages 1-5 For Chapter 1
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