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From prison to successful online business

Jeffrey V. is an alcoholic, drug addict, ex con from S. Arizona who over came all this including bankruptcy and divorce to become a Biker turned online Entrepreneur! We have conducted an interview with him.

In the past 20 yrs. you have started from scratch 6 completely different businesses, yet you have just better than an 8th grade education? Where do you get your inspiration and idea’s from?
Honestly I don’t know. It is a very unique gift to start a business without any plan at all. When I was 1st on parole from prison at 36 yrs. old I washed dishes in a bowling alley restaurant for $4 an hr. I bought a used lawn mower and weed eater yet had no truck. I pushed those up and down the street looking for work, until a used truck came my way. My landscaping co. was my very 1st success in my entire life and I sold that 3 yrs later for $60K.

I bought a tattoo studio for $20K and I had no location for it and had never done a tattoo. That business did $250K gross my 4th yr in business. I found an abandoned dilapidated 1902 building and rented it for $700 a mo. and started renovations, before I knew what business I was going to put in there. I opened Bisbee Olive oil in there 6 weeks later. I did $235K gross my 3rd yr. in business and sold it for $150K Jan. 2015.

How did you grow your businesses?
Great question. With all 6 businesses being a different and not related in any way one would wonder, what does it take to be successful? again, again, and again? Here it is! - Quit worrying about money and making a sale. No one likes a used car salesman and that pushy sales lines don’t work. People buy from people, not companies! Nothing beats out great customer service.

Why did you now get out of brick and mortar businesses and become an online entrepreneur?
The number one reason is “freedom of my time”. How much is your time worth? When you start a regular business you basically bought yourself a full time job. Literally working all the time, especially the 1st couple yrs.. Working from home means NO commute. No overhead, No employee’s. I can walk in the morning, work out, and go to the grocery store and run errands. Then shower and work from home for 4 or 5 hours in the afternoon. ALSO, I can take my laptop anywhere with me. I can visit the Grand Canyon and work, I can go to the beach in Mexico and work. It is truly the ideal lifestyle.

What is/are your strength(s) and how did you realize it (them)?
One thing I found I like to do is renovate and decorate. 4 of my businesses were located in buildings I found myself. I renovated and decorated each one. I found I have a great talent for creating an ambience of comfort, like it “feels like home”. Taking an empty shell and making something out of it, with no plan. I love to create! I am a tattooed biker decorator? Who would have thought?

At which point is your lowest point in your life?
When the judge sentenced me to 20 yrs in prison for a 1st offense and I was just 20 yrs old would be tops on that list. But really I have failed at least 20 times. Drugs, alcohol, jail, prison, divorce, bankruptcy! Each failure was a learning experience, a stepping stone if you will, to becoming the man I am today!

What was your greatest belief then and now?
Honestly you are what you believe you are. Believe you’re not worthy of a 6 figure a yr. income and you won’t be. Believe you won’t ever succeed and you won’t. Success isn’t created, it comes from deep within, love yourself and you will learn to love. It is true.

What was the most difficult challenge for ex con in doing business?
Honestly I NEVER let it hinder me. After 18 yrs in prison it took me 2 weeks to find a job in a bowling alley for $4 an hr. washing dishes, people who don’t work, don’t want to work. I was a 36 yr old dishwasher, That was tough.

How does today's opportunities offered online possibly help to alleviate their situations?
Well whether you are an ex con or not has nothing to do with success, but working online in general for anyone, it means we all have an equal chance at success. The internet doesn’t care about your education level, it doesn’t care what you look like, and it doesn’t care what age you are. The internet has no prejudices.

What advice are you offering to someone who is reading about this now and may thinking of working online with you?
I have a huge amount of value to offer to anyone who wants to succeed online. From my struggles through life, my failures, and my successes, knowledge like that can’t be bought, It is earned.

Nowadays I am way more particular about who I work with. I want to work with people who have a true desire to change their life, AND are willing to work for it. It is hard to work online, staying up later then everyone else, doing online stuff before anyone else is awake. But, it is worth it. In 12 to 24 months you could have an income that exceeds 6 figures per yr.

People always ask, Jeffrey what do you sell? I just smile and tell them I don’t sell anything. I build relationships, Period. Sales will follow

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