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Interview with writer Lory La Selva Paduano

Lory La Selva Paduano is a writer who adores Historical Fiction and Fantasy. From a severely troubled teen, to a wonderful writer, mother and wife today, this author has faced challenging pursuits and has risen above them gracefully. We have conducted a short interview with her.

In your teenage days, how did you discover your talent in writing?
It was kind of a surprise discovery, when I learned I loved the art of writing. As a child growing up over seas, I would draw famous cartoon characters such as the "smurfs" and lots of ''anime'' too, and... no tracing either, just from sheer observation only!. As I became older, in my teens, I loved music and it's lyrics, so I began to write songs and poems, till I realized these poems needed more, "why not make them into small stories, novellas''. Today I lost the will to draw but I gained so much more by finding my passion,- writing books.

Which is your favourite genre of books to read? Why did you like it?
My favorite genre to write and read would be Historical Fiction & Fantasy. I admire it because, distorting truths, or adding flavor to something so tasteless was a thrill for me. In general History is very boring, and many stories have not been told or left aside to make its way into the ears of none. I thought it was great to add color where drab reigned. I excel at it, and the adventurous side of me always wants to push the boundaries further, I can't help it, it is a calling really.

Who is your most admired 'character' in your books? Why do you think this character is interesting while you were crafting it?
Arria in my fifth book 'The Legacy of a Legend', has to be by far my favorite, and it's not because it's my latest work, I'd say she's the everything I wish I could be. She lived in such a time, a time where none of us today would have lived more than a year and she made it. She overcame so many obstacles, some of which might resemble the toughest females of our time in the 21st century, such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowlings etc. Arria is an explosive female and she was the center of my universe for over seven months, she engulfed my screen every day and she gave me purpose and direction when I had nowhere to turn or when my days were all about doom & gloom. She'll move you in ways you didn't see coming.

As a writer with 5 books, what do you think is the most challenging aspects about publishing books?
The most challenging aspect about publishing, was probably the advertising and marketing aspect of it. I'm a writer not a social media promoter, and all though I love talking with anyone about my work one on one, I think hiding behind a screen sometimes doesn't cut it, because the eyes tell a different story, as they are the mirrors to our souls and in my soul, writing fuels my passion, I display that naturally when face to face with people. Many authors struggle this unfortunately but... I've learned quite a bit from others in my circle, it's equivalent to being a first time ''mom'' and I always say - "OK, I gave birth! Now what...?" 

For our readers, where do you recommend them to find out more about your works?
I invite all to see my works on my facebook page of or visit my web site at or simply go on and read my reviews for fun!

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