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Carolyn Young REMAX Award Winning Realtor in Loudoun Virginia

Today our guest is Carolyn Young REMAX Award Winning Realtor in Loudoun Virginia. we have conducted an interview with her:

1    1.  Why Real Estate and RE/MAX?
I chose to become a RE/MAX agent because I wanted to do everything above-board, and their reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction attracted me to their core values. Real Estate has interested me for many years before I went full-time nearly twenty-two years ago. It started off as a passion-hobby, but it started to become a career once I made the transition from helping a few friends and family members, to getting referrals due to my ability to listen and meet the right buyer and seller at a fair market evaluation.

 2. What are some tips to home owners looking to sell?
Location is obviously going to be the #1 determinant of price. Even if you have fully upgraded and up-to-date bathrooms, kitchens, paint, appliances, etc, your home is intricately linked to its location for better or worse. This is why homes in Loudoun County Virginia have stood the test of time because it’s a desirable location. Of course, you want to assess what your peers and neighbors have bought and sold their homes for, preferably on the same street, zip code and county as yours. If you are in a rush to sell, price to sell, so it doesn’t sit on the market, but if you are not in a rush, you can price it towards the higher price range, and see what agents or buyers are interested. It’s a game of give and take; it’s not desperation to price low, but a good decision when choosing to move versus waiting months to sell.

3. What areas do you focus buying and selling homes?
Northern Virginia. I’ve lived here my entire life, and know the area very well, so I can speak intelligently to those seeking counsel on how to price, or where to move based on their preferences. Loudoun County is a terrific place for families or affluent business people that are seeking a growing economy coupled with the aspect of rural, country living. It truly is the best of both worlds as Virginia’s 3rd largest county. A perfect blend of value and volume in terms of real estate transactions; not too many to overwhelm us, yet enough to stay busy yet stay very personalized in our approach.

4. After the Housing Bubble, are Homes still a safe investment?
Real Estate is subject to cyclical changes as is every investment, but over the long-haul real estate is one of the most proven investments, both in terms of return on investment, and a hedge against inflation. Not only that, you get to actively live in your home while it appreciates, which is one of the few assets which gains value overtime as you use it and live in it. Of course some homes will go down in value, but that is why location is the most critical component. Luckily those in Loudoun Virginia have retained their worth and increased.

 5. What is the best way to buy real estate in Northern Virginia?
As an award winning RE/MAX agent for the past 15 years, my team and I have successfully started and closed over 1000 transactions. This means we have the experience and know-how for this specific market. Our technology team has also created Loudoun County Homes for Sale search where you can view all the homes in various towns in the area, or I can be reached through my personal Carolyn Young website as well as direct phone number:  540.454.1600

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