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Haylee and the Traveler's Stone - interview

Our guest today is Lisa Redfern from California the author of Haylee and the Traveler's Stone. We have conducted a short interview with her:

Which is your favourite and most exciting personality traits about Haylee in "Haylee and the Traveler's Stone"?
Haylee is resilient and she doesn’t give up even when presented with seemingly unsurmountable problems.

How did you decide to unite paranormal with this growing up phase 'coming of age' for your books?
I wanted to explore what happens when a lonely outsider suddenly becomes noticeably attractive and powerfully untouchable? It’s a heady state—like winning a lottery. But once you live with that for a while, is it really so wonderful?

What would you say to describe your writing and yourself to be similar or different to the characters you've crafted?
Small aspects of my personality are in all my characters. If I had to choose which ones are most like me it would be Gene and Glori, Haylee’s dad and step-mom. The characters who are most different from me are the ones in San Francisco in 1849. Not knowing what to expect, these adventurers did back-breaking work and had to navigate through a rough-and-tumble lawless land. They had to adapt – and quickly – or die.

Did you dream a lot about time traveling? Which time period inspires you the most and why did you choose this year 1849?
I wouldn’t say that I spend lots of time fantasizing about myself as a time traveler, unless you think that losing oneself in historical research is a form of time travel. I chose 1849 San Francisco because I live in Northern California and grew up steeped in Gold Rush history.

In your own teenage, did you grow up reading a lot of books? What genre of books do you like, and who are your favourite writers or authors?
In my teenage years I focused feeling scared (horror) and learning about love (romance). My favorite authors were Stephen King and Kathleen Woodiwiss.

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