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Interview with Aly Lovelace

Aly Lovelace is an actress and gamer in los Angeles, CA. She is streaming on twitch tv helping those in need while playing games. We have conducted a short interview with her.

How did you discover and what inspires you to such a great idea to help those in need by being a streamer on while playing games?
I was introduced to through a group called, The Attack, which is a live broadcast show that I auditioned to be on. Once I started exploring twitch on my own, I immediately thought of how much money I could raise for people in need. And doing so while playing games and talking to people would be so fun! I am inspired by this because I have never been in a place financially where I can give what I want to others. Be it food, clothes, or a roof over their heads. Twitch gives me hope in that, you are able to connect with those that you may never encounter in every day life, are able to ask for their help, and if they are able, they will give. How exciting to have a place where so many good things can come from it.

What will you stream and feature in your channel 'A Lovely Wandering'?
For the next 6 months, I plan on streaming World of Warcraft on my stream. There are a few different characters I would like to level up in order to build my repertoire!

Which are the top 3 favourite games you will play on and why did you choose them?
How about just my three favorite games? Plants vs zombies, need for speed and ratchet & clank!

How did you discover your acting skills and what is your way to strengthen your acting skills?
Honestly? I discovered my acting skills when I could speak. But I've always been dramatic, my mother says I've been "performing" since I was two months old. I never wanted to show anyone anything until it was perfect. No one saw my rehearsals. Just the finale! I am constantly honing my craft- with classes, workshops, developing new skills, challenging myself in any way I can. That is how I keep up as an actress. I want to stand out from the rest. Boldly.

If you will be chosen to act as a superheroine in a futuristic film dated to 2020, which character would you choose to be?
That is a great question. I would either be the villain of the heroine. It's one or the other but I think I am leaning more towards the Villian. I've always loved the idea of "being bad" because I am usually so good. Ha! I want some badass fight scenes, a gun fight, a car chase or starship race, all the while wearing a really great pantsuit with heeled boots. That gives me chills and thrills!

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