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Maini Sorri

Today our guest is Maini Sorri singer and songwriter. Her new single: Never Said Goodbye is out and we conducted a short interview with her.

You wrote in your bio that ''Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit". How did you feel to be under such a strong inspiring spirit and which are your favorite 3 songs that you have ever written?
My songs come to me when I get a very strong feeling that just must come out. Something sad or hurtful has happened. It is not a good situation to be in but I know that it can lead to another song. I sit down at my piano and look through poems that people have sent to me, to choose the one that touch my heart in that moment. When I have written the song, I am happy again.

I have many favorites among my songs. I think that I like the latest recorded songs best, "Never Said Goodbye" and "Lost Love". Another favorite is my techno single "Let Me Do Your Time". I also like "Blue Song" that I recorded with the American rapper Magneto Dayo. But there are many other favorites among my recordings, and I have many songs that are not recorded yet.

What awards did you win for your newest rock single "Never Said Goodbye"?
My single "Never Said Goodbye" won Akademia Music Award in Hard Rock Best Song category in Los Angeles in October.

Who inspired you the most when co-producing on "Lost Love"?
I was very happy to be found by the producer Brian Lanese from Los Angeles in January. It has been very inspiring and a great pleasure to work with Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre, both from 5 time 1st ballot round Grammy nominated band Permanent Ability. We made 2 versions of Lost Love, the hard rock single and a dance version "Lost Love (Dance Remix)". I usually pick lyrics by Gary Cornman from USA when I write a song, his lyrics are very inspiring and touch my heart. Both singles won Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles in June.

How many different genres have you worked with? Which new genres have you not tried and would like to try in the near future?
So far I have released pop, techno, rock, hard rock, dance and Christian music. As I already told you, I have teamed up with Magneto Dayo, the rapper from The US. And I have a band "Sorriso" with John Baumann from Milan, Italy in pop/Christian genre. On my first album I was accompanied by jazz musicians. Maybe I would like to try reggae or country sometimes in the future, even if it feels right to record rock just now.

In your opinion, what kind of music is the most difficult to write?
When writing the songs I don't think in which genre they are going to be released. When they are ready, I let my song coach listen to them to find out in which genre the song should be recorded. So therefore the songs could be in any of the genre.

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