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Mama Deb

Deborah Crowe (also fondly known as Mama Deb) is a Work-Life Balance Specialist. She is a published author (2 books) The Change and The Voice that Change Everything, A Book of Gratitude on her 3rd. We have conducted a short interview with her.

You have an interesting and easy to remember name 'Mama Deb', how did you get this?
The name "Mama Deb" was given to me by a young boy with a traumatic brain injury. He called me this after his third neurosurgery and I promised him and his mother that one day I would use it in a good way to help people.

Besides being a professional speaker who received many 'Caregiver Recognition Awards', what other activities are you involved in?
I am a professional mentor who works directly with men, women and couples. My other passion is working with companies small, medium and large. We revisit their EAP programs. I am instrumental in returning people to work off short-term disability claims and also being an effective communicator between employers and employees. I have co-authored two books this year. The first book is called The Change and has recently reached #1 on Amazon. My second book is called The Voice That Changed Everything, A Book of Gratitude is being released the end of November.

What expert advice you would give to people about 'Work-Life Balance' nowadays?
My best advice is my favourite quote, "Work Life Balance is not a trend, it's a lifestyle". -Mama Deb

Who are the people most affected by this and how can they reach you?
Everyone struggles with work life balance at some point in their life. Best way to reach me is

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