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Seashell Meditation for Children

Today our guest is Patricia May. She created Seashell Meditation for Children that introduces a new way of meditation using a seashell as a tool for focus and fun. The child holds the seashell up to their ear while the short story rhyme is being read in the form of a guided meditation. 

Why should children be encouraged to do Seashell Meditation nowadays? What are the key benefits? 
Children should be encouraged to do meditation of any kind nowadays. Everything is so fast and furious in their lives. With all that goes on in a childs life on a daily basis, to find just a few minutes of quiet time is so beneficial to their mind, body and souls. As a daily practice, a child can learn to feel more at peace, achieve more self awareness, sleep better at night, be less agressive, and so much more. Now, introducing a seashell into the meditation, helps the child to concentrate and find focus much more easily than just sitting there having their mind wonder. Finding out how fun this is for the child, makes them want to continue the meditations daily.

The key benefits are becoming more self aware, finding clarity, focusing, using the imagination even more, accessing intuition, many more.

How are your book series of Seashell Meditation resources different from the others?
This book collection, A Seashell meditation for children, is a different way than most childrens books on meditation. This collection, by using the seashell, really entices the child to focus more deeply and just have fun with it. The meditations are all in short story rhymes, introducing short breathing techniques, and takes the child on a fun journey.

There is also a qr code on the back of each book that when scanned, opens up a beautiful background sound, music, to listen to while reading the book to the child. This helps in setting the mood and feels more relaxing.

What are the misconceptions from people who do not understand about Seashell Meditation?
Some may not understand the meditations maybe from never practicing it. People who have never meditated may think its just a waste of time. But, given a try, could change the mind substantially. Meditating is just all around a peaceful, relaxing way to go within oneself, and feel good.

When is the best time to use the book series?
The best time to use the books in my opinion is mornings and evenings. As the child begins the day, this helps to get the child off to a great start. Using it at night, helps the child to unwind after a busy day.

Do you have a sample to show us the uniqueness of this Seashell Meditation for Children?
I have a short video demonstrating the seashell meditations. Please feel free to check it out. Thank you!

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