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The Purpose Project

Our guest today is Kristie Abruzzo from Michigan. She owns a small business and has an active role in her family. But another side of her loves to inspire others to be heroes in their world. She volunteers in her community and decided to start a FB Page that might reach a larger audience. We have conducted an interview with her.

When did you start to love inspiring others to be heroes in their own world?
My passion for “changing the world” started 30 years ago but it’s only in the last couple years that I realized that lasting improvements in our world come from ordinary people every day.

How are people always mistaken about 'Goodness and Grace'?
They think it lacks strength and tenacity and won’t lead them to their own definition of greatness

What are the myths about this?
I think the most prevalent myth is “good guys never win” 

Some people still do not know what is their Purpose, how do you help them to figure out before applying it? 
The Purpose Project guides people to find their Purpose specifically in Goodness and Grace. So it’s within a role – for example – “My Purpose for Goodness and Grace at work right now is to spend extra time with the new guy on the project to make his transition a little easier.” It is mostly our “…Wants, Fears and Harmful judgment of others…” that keep us from focusing on this aspect of our Purpose in life.

In your personal experience, how does your understanding and application of 'Grace' help you achieve what you want?
Grace is a very specific demonstration of goodness. Think of it as responding to a situation with goodness when it is the very last thing that seems logical. Knowing Grace and how to apply it allows me the freedom to know I can handle life experiences – even the toughest or scariest. In addition, I desire to be the type of leader who is able to inspire others to see my vision as their own - so Grace is a critical virtue for me.

Why is being a hero an important feeling? How do you recommend others to achieve it?
As human beings, we are hardwired to connect to others and very positive connections and feelings are created by actions and behaviors of heroism. The Purpose Project recommends a close study and meditation of The Purpose Project Prayer to find their hero within.

What does the Purpose Project want to be when it grows up?
It wants to be an Interactive Online Community, a Purpose Project Study Guide, Mobile Purpose Project Experience, and an inspiring, entertaining Rock Opera – “Purpose”

If you would like to donate to The Purpose Project, all donations are tax deductable.

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