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USA Freedom Kids

The USA Freedom Kids are working hard to spread patriotism to the younger generation. Making it fun and hip to celebrate America. They are cute, talented and range in age from 8-12 years old.

Who are the USA Freedom Kids and what is their mission?
The USA Freedom Kids are a group of 5 young girls (8-12) who sing patriotic music. Their mission is to spread patriotism to the younger generation. They travel & sing for America, and ask everyone to come celebrate Freedom with them. Their songs will melt your heart, and lift your spirit!

How is patriotism perceived in where the group originated and their generation?
The group is loved by all generations -- young and old. Everyone is patriotic in some sense, so the group's songs appeal to all. USA Freedom Kids sing traditional songs (like the National Anthem) and also remixes of these same songs like their National Anthem-Part 2. Their remixes are high energy dance songs that are geared to get the youth interested in patriotism. The album is being produced by Jeff Popick of Pop Media Network LLC. Jeff is a former Hollywood stuntman and has produced numerous media projects. He is a Screen Actors Guild signatory producer.

For celebrating the military and veterans, which is the most well-received song by the USA Freedom Kids?
The National Anthem-Part 2 is a remix of the traditional National Anthem (with a twist). The song is patriotic, but it also breaks new ground with its electronic dance musicality. EDM as it is known in the music industry has become a favorite style of music. In the case of the National Anthem Part 2, this creates something very special and unique … appealing to young and old alike. Our veterans absolutely adore these girls and the patriotic music. Our younger generation loves the fun music while learning the importance and value of freedom.

Who are the five members in this group?
Alexis, Bianca, Izzy, Sarah & Victoria.

How do you describe the songs and music styles?
Upbeat, dance music for the younger generation.
The USA Freedom Kids are currently in the recording studio producing their 1st music album. Their patriotic songs can be downloaded now on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc. They are also in the process of filming their first music video to their catchy tune, “National Anthem-Part 2.”

You can find USA Freedom Kids at: Website:

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