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A Note for Children

Linda Hannah Young is the author of a unique method of teaching the basics of music theory. Based on the book she has written and illustrated a program called A Note for Children. We have conducted a short interview with her.

What are the essentials to run a foundational music program?
The essentials to running a foundation music program are these: fun, imagination, integration music theory has the potential to be boring for children. Make it fun, use lots of imagination then integrate the learning

What is special in your book "A Note for Children" with regards to method of teaching the basics of music theory?
A Note for Children is unique in that it not only involves an imaginary story about the notes, giving them character and personality but it explains in a fun way the function of each note. It makes sense why they operate this way!

Who are suitable to use this book?
I have taught this method to students as young as 3 years of age and upto 12 years. However I have had adults who also really got the concepts in this method and loved it.

How is the supplementary CD/MP4 and photocopy-able worksheets help with learning?
The cd/MP4 has six original tracks, each song is about one particular note. The songs are simple, repetitive and memorable. The worksheets provide games and exercises to further enhance the learning.

When should these useful materials such as backing tracks, Prezi film clips and script be used? Why did you develop them?
The Prezi clips again use the songs with fun memorable graphics. They are A great tool to have especially if the teacher isn't very musical. Having 3 levels of backing tracks means you can use them for performances. I have included a play that can be used where students can dress up as the notes.

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