Our guest tonight is Weston Meckes from Southern California. He is a 21 year young entrepreneur who wants to spread inspiration and show people what's possible in life!

Who is "EntrePRO" app for? What are your aims of creating this app?
To inspire the world! Plain and simple. People are extremely connected, which is a good and bad thing. It's easy to spread good information and it's easy to spread bad information. EntrePRO is there for ambitious people to connect and share valuable information and insights with like-minded people all over the globe. We can all grow from the wisdom of those around us, especially high achievers. You're a product of the people you spend the most time around, right? Birds of a feather flock together. Well if you can't get around as many ambitious folks in your daily life as you'd like to, you can exchange ideas with them at any time of the day through EntrePRO.

Which were the important steps taken to validate this idea for EntrePRO?
Figuring out exactly how to bring the most value to people. There are so many different ways that we could have approached it, but we decided a social platform was the best option. EntrePRO started as social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, then went to a website with articles and quotes posted. We (my buddy Rob Soto and I) decided it was a necessary move to create an app as the next step of growth. Nowadays everybody has a smartphone, but not everybody has time to sift through information to find value. There are tons of distractions out there (Isis, Donald Trump, etc) trying to steal people's productivity and focus away. We wanted to create an app seperate from the rest of the social networks where it was purely valuable information and inspiration.

How many entrepreneurs and ambitious people has already signed up as at time of writing?
Over 500, but we're just getting started. At the moment of writing this it is still in a rough draft stage, which is fine. It's less than a month old. We didn't want to do a stealth launch, we wanted to get it out to people as quickly as possible and learn through experience exactly what we need to improve. And we are. Rob is coding the heck out of it and submitting new updates weekly. In fact, version 1.4 is currently pending Apple approval (a 5 day process) and is an insanely improved edition. The quality just keeps getting better, and we are growing accordingly. It has been a fun process.

What is the number you would like to achieve and by when?
To say a number would be to limit it. I can't even fathom how many people will actively use the app once we've unleashed the full potential it holds. Everybody has a vision of somebody they want to become, everybody has dreams. Some people are just disconnected or unmotivated to achieve it. This app is the cure for it, something everybody can use. And it's free, and always will be. I wouldn't be surprised if we hit billions of users.

What is considered negative information? What would happen if someone gave a negative information in this app?
The murder that happened last week. The terrorist threats. The gossip. Etc. It's not that the information is necessarily bad, or that the people who talk about it are bad... But there really isn't any personal growth that comes from dwelling on the negatives. If everybody had a goal and aim in life to accomplish something beneficial, would anybody even have time or a desire for hate? We have a different "like" system than most other forms of social media. It's "valuable" or "nonvaluable". If somebody posts something negative, it'll probably get a lot of people saying that it is "nonvaluable" and other users will know before they open it that it isn't the best note to read.

What are your future plans for this social platform?
To change the world in as big of a way as we possibly can. We're going to land somewhere between 500 users (currently) and a couple billion users. Not sure exactly where, but it gets more rewarding and personally fulfilling for Rob and I the larger we grow. Because the more people using the app, the more inspiration and positivity being spread. I'm in love with the concept, and we plan to take it all the way. This won't be the last time you hear the name EntrePRO!

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