I Found it at the Movies

Our guest tonight is Debbi Mack from Columbia, MD, USA. She has published one mystery, one YA novel and several short stories. On her "I Found it at the Movies" blog she also writes reviews.

What makes you want to write about domestic abuse and identity theft in the "Sam McRae Mystery Series"?
The book Identity Crisis is less about domestic abuse than it is about false and mistaken identities. But the domestic abuse angle strengthened the client's motive for murder. Identity theft has become a growing problem. Also, so much psychological baggage is wrapped up in how we identify ourselves. Crooks use false identity to hide from authorities.

Which is the most mysterious plot you've ever seen/read/heard? In film/books/podcasts?
Probably "The Usual Suspects".

What is your role at 'The Crime Cafe'?
I interview other crime, suspense, and thriller authors.

Which element or effect in filmmaking do you think is best at portraying a suspenseful scene?
The right cinematography, editing and music. And a well-written plot, of course. If the writing sucks, no amount of visual and/or sound can make up for that!  

If you could choose to work (produce/direct/screenplay), name 3 people whom you dream to work with. Why?
Tarantino, the Coen Brothers & Woody Allen. They're geniuses.

What are your future writing plans?
I'm publishing an ebook series of film reviews posted at my blog "I Found it at the Movies". I'm also working on a thriller, more books & screenplays.

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