Love, Mother Fraunfi

Hoppy Rogers is a Horror Movie Writer & Director. He is working on his new horror movie "Love, Mother Fraunfi". We have conducted an interview with him.

What got you into Horror Films?
Well, I've always been a Horror Fan, and I've also always been that Horror Fan that winds up wishing for more. I found myself dumped by a woman I loved and instead of sulking, I decided to put all my energy in writing. I just took all that angst and put into a script. I created something instead of destroying myself. Now we are on the road to bringing that script to life.

What is this horror film about?
"Love, Mother Fraunfi" is both a love story and a tale of possible redemption. We all know someone who has a horrible past, but ends up in that decisive moment where they could become worse than ever or completely start a new way of life. Mother Fraunfi has found that moment as a Voodoo Priestess. Of course our film includes everything from Rappers to Porn Stars and Vampires to Voodoo Magic to entertain, but there is a deep moral meaning behind the film's plot.

Who inspired you to make this film "Love, Mother Fraunfi"?
Seth Godin. I have had a lot of positive influences to keep me going, but the initial belief that I could pull off making a feature film is credited to Seth. I've never met the man. I hope I do. His books and his blog have planted seeds that have now sprouted into thriving plants.

Based on your experience, what's the most challenging obstacle in creating a horror scene in a horror film?
The most challenging obstacle in creating horror scenes is not the horror itself. In today's world its fairly easy to CGI things or use camera tricks to pull off quickly what took them months or longer in the past decades. The challenge is to get in the heads of your cast. To get them to capture that perfect facial expression. We all joke around a lot and have fun, so it can be a chore to go from eating pizza and laughing to getting a chick to exhibit what appears to be true hysterical fear.

Is there any nonsensical bad guys in the film? Who are the main characters in this horror film?
I would not say any of the bad guys are nonsensical. They all have a purpose, desires, and a boss that gives them obligations to meet. There is order to their mayhem. In the world of our film, Vampires and Demons are one and the same creature, working for the devil. The three our audience meets are Vichzig, the Chief Demon of hell, Razgriz, his brute of an assistant and Zezlina, the she-demon. You gotta have a hot bad girl in heels. The question is: Where does Mother Fraunfi fall? Does she continue her path towards evil or does she have a turn of heart? Stay with us to find out.

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