Spreading Gud Vibes Gud Music Gud Smoke

Tyrrell Parker from Sacramento, CA is a musician artist, beatmaker, recording/mixing engineer, model, and hobby tattooist. He is the founder of Gud Ppls with the motto: Spreading Gud Vibes Gud Music Gud Smoke= Gud Ppls! We have conducted an interview with him.

Which are your most prized talents as an artist and for which instruments do you play?
Most prized talents as an artist well I do everything from lyrics to recording myself to mixing including the mastering all taking more time that an average artist just hitting the studio I do it all. Instruments I play are saxophone the drums and a lil piano.

How long have you been recording and mixing music? What will be a 'beatmaking' tip you will give to a newbie?
I've been recording and mixing music since I was 16 and currently 23 so years of trial and error! For a beatmaking tip, don't focus on trying to create a hit same as writing let your emotions speak the creating comes from within don't force it!

What is your story behind "Spreading Gud Vibes Gud Music, Gud Smoke=Gud Ppls"? Who gave you the first "Gud Vibe"?
My story about my motto Spreading Gud Vibes Gud Music Gud Smoke = Gud Ppls comes from my life experiences and the observation of others. See and understand negativity is for fronted amongst humans but I also understand that there has to be a balance for everything and my motto sets that balance. Everybody wants to follow sheep than lead i.e. all the hood music and negativity from it has brought the masses down and we are better than that. From what I've understood living on this earth is that we all are here with each other and if you all have the mindset n attitude of I'm not worried bout the next man that you should have been born on a planet by yourself. Being surrounded by negativity for anyone isn't healthy especially when it can be controlled, with that being said. Also I push from like minded ppl to come thru and parlae with me and Gud Ppls and keep that balance because theres not enough good people in life showing themselves.

Who gave me the first Gud vibe, a good friend of mines thats been by me musically since I started Gud Ppls Ent he told me I was genuine loyal friend he never had and he would stand by my music till the end because he felt I have something great going with my motto and label!

Where do you find inspirations to write and create music such as "The Care" and "Interstate Party - Buddha Slater feat Duh Brain"?
My inspiration comes from many different angles and emotions, given the meaning of my artist name Duh Brain because I use my mind not just off my life but through others showing we all can relate in some form or fashion to each other. Nobody is exempt from any situation. Also Duh Brain meaning I've very fun cool happy silly but intellectual and analytically powerful in mind!

If you could choose to work with only one of your favourite artiste, who would that be?
If I could do a song with a favorite artist it would be J Cole because he brings lil by lil insight on truth and how we need to be as humanity to one another!

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