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The key to my heart

Today our guest is Jahrina St.Catherine. She was born and raised in the British Virgin islands but currently she lives in London. Her book, "The key to my heart" was released July 14 2015 by Tate Publishing. We have conducted a short interview with her.

Who or what inspires you to write about Shad and Rihanna in your first book 'The Key to My Heart'?
My book is actually base on my own experience. I fell completely in love with a boy from my neighborhood and I did not have the courage to tell him. After years of loving him, I then decided that it was important to let him know how I felt for his and my sake; so I wrote, ' The Key to my Heart'.

Did your personal experiences when you were coming of age before living in London and originally from British Virgin Islands have an impact on your story and the key characters crafted?
Yes, I spent most of my life in the British Virgin islands and the setting of my book is base on Island life.

Which part of the plot around the love between the two protagonists is the most exciting and what can the readers learn from them?
The most exciting plot around the love between the two protagonists would be their secret encounters with each other and my readers can learn how to be fully honest,open and courageous when it comes to expressing one's desire.

Will there be a sequel to this book?
I do not think there will be a sequel but if life decides to turn another chapter then what can I say.

In your personal opinion as a Romance book author, which part of the story development is the most challenging? How long did you take to write this story?
As a romance book author and a romance book lover, I personally think writing the resolution was the most challenging part because every romance reader wants to feel that love connection; no one wants an unhappy ending. 6. I was in school while writing this book and it took me six months to complete it. When I was finish, I wondered if I should really go ahead with publishing it because I was about to let the world know about my deepest secret.

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