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The true bridge between Hip Hop and R&B

When it comes to performing, Knik Bentley is no stranger to the stage. His passion and excitement is undeniable when seeing him perform live or in the studio. He hopes to become the true bridge between Hip Hop and R&B world. We have conducted a short interview with him.

What three metaphors are your favourite and how much do you use this literary figure of speech as an image or story in your music?

"call my boys 79th they get to Andre Drummond"
"They hit the jumper or they fade away"
"She looked good on the gram hit her up called a Uber"

I try to use this as much as possible in my music. Rap is also poetry in its own form so I try to use as many literally devices as possible to tell my story as clear as possible

What kind of challenges did you face while producing LA Watts, your latest single?
What the lyrics should be. J Louis did a incredible making the beat itself, I didn't want to go in the studio and the lyrics don't fit the style of the song at all. Plus being from Chicago and only being to L.A once I really had to step out my style and deliver LA type lyrics.

What is your opinion about explicit lyrics in music? Is it a necessity?
In this generation, it is a necessity. We're truly the turn up generation of hip hop with a lot of people looking to say explicit lyrics because it's against social rules. You don't want to go to a party in Chicago and hear hommie this hommie that we're there to say F this kill this ya know cause it builds adrenaline and we metaphorically "live" in the song with explicit lyrics.

Who is your favourite singer-songwriter, band or musician in Hip Hop/R&B music?
Drake. By far. Been a fan since his Room For Improvement mixtape and I'm trying to really follow his path and his style.

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