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Bobbie Files - Your Friend in Real Estate

Bobbie Files is from the Greater Taunton area of Massachusetts and has been a full-time real estate agent for over 20 years. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are the top 3 myths about selling a property that you would like to set right?

The 3 biggest myths in my opinion are:

First, "let's price it higher and we can reduce afterwards". In theory that sounds okay, so if the price doesn't work you just reduce it a bit, kind of makes logical sense. However, buyers do not buy on logic, they buy on emotion. The price range they are approved for is logical; the decision to see the home is emotional. When a home comes on the market it is the "new, shiny penny"!! Buyers have rejected all the other homes and are excited to see the newest offering. Well, the buyer that is expecting a home worth $380,000 with features and amenities typical in a $380,000 home will either not see your home as it doesn't have them, OR they will look at it than reject it. Either way they won't be buying it. But the buyer that is looking for a $350,000 and would pay top dollar (even over asking) or stretch their budget to get your fine home, won’t even know your home is on the market. So, if your home's market value is $359,900 and you are contemplating pricing it at $379,900, you lose the immediate excitement, the days on market go by which requires several price reductions to get the right buyers interested, which results in a lower sale price.

Second: “Homes don’t sell in the winter” This one is a true and full myth. People have to move year round for all sorts of reasons!! Most corporations do their employee transfers in January and February. What you lose is the tire kickers and the dreamers, so you have fewer showings but the ones that show are serious and motivated!!!

Third: “Always start with your lowest offer” There’s no generalized strategy for making an offer on a home anywhere, ever. A seller could have overpriced or underpriced the home on purpose. Some markets may be more competitive than others. But, somehow, in the back of the buyer’s head is good old Uncle Bob saying "never offer the full asking price." That strategy might work if you’re trying to buy a used computer on eBay. And it worked in some real estate markets a couple of years ago. But times have changed.
The reality: A low offer may get you nowhere fast
A buyer in a strong, tight inventory market today would be wasting their time making low offers right from the start. It’s likely a home that’s priced right and shows well can receive multiple offers, sometimes even over the asking price. In this environment, constantly throwing in low offers because that’s what your Uncle Bob advised you to do will likely lead to disappointment.

What is so special about your offer to your clients as Realtor?
What is so special about what I offer? - Fair question. There are many agents in the area all with varying degrees of experience and / or education. VERY few have been a FULL-TIME Realtor for over 20 years. By very few I mean under 5% of them. This past economic downturn got rid of a lot of the older, more experienced agents. I have been through 2 large recessions and still grew my business! I also believe in taking classes throughout the year to keep up-to-date with tools and trends. But that is just stuff, I think my best benefit is you get me!! I don’t mean that as pompous or silly!! I am hands on, FULL-TIME, accessible and driven. I don’t pawn you off on another agent to handle things, or an unlicensed assistant to read notes to you. I am HERE, I am available, and I will listen! I provide extra services to my sellers that most agents wouldn’t even consider, at my expense, like an attorney….plus many other things! I treat your home like it is a “REAL” estate! For my buyers, I am with you at ALL appointments, I guide you on the best options available for financing, I am your strongest advocate!

How long have you been a full-time real estate agent and what do you love about this specialization?
I have been a full time real estate agent, REALTOR, for over 20 years. Full-time for all 20 of the years! I truly want to be “Your Friend in Real Estate”!! I love people and I love assisting people and helping to create new lives for people!!

What is the most important element about choosing a suitable realtor?
Once you have vetted agents based on experience and education, the most important thing is if you feel you can trust them and you like them. You will be working closely with this person handling your largest financial asset. Who cares if the person sells 30 homes a year if they give you the heebie jeebies!! You will always question their integrity or loyalty, which is a horrible way to have such an important relationship!

In what degree do you clients recommend you as their agent?
I receive very strong recommendations and referrals from my clients, past and present. In fact, I just received 2 recommendations today! That is my goal!!! When I get the opportunity to assist great people with their real estate needs, I want to make sure that they are not just satisfied but that I exceeded their expectations, as I want to work with other people as awesome as they are, such as their friends and family. More than 65% of my business is repeat / referral. I do very little self-promotion.

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