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Carol Roullard Art

Carol Roullard is an artist and author creating very special photographs but she didn’t start out with this career. She graduated and worked in IT project management and compliance. We have conducted an interview with her.

What made you to be interested in photography?
I love nature, its beauty, colors, and structures. Unique patterns abound. I also love how light and darkness affects its surroundings. I fell in love with photography because it allows me to capture that which can be fleeting and easily missed.

I started photography with a brownie camera when I was young and experimented with black-and-white film. I would arrange small rocks, leaves and other objects on a table next to a window. I was intrigued with how the light affected the resulting image. It just became a passion and a way for me to capture something that moved me.

You grow crystals and take pictures of them through the microscope. This is a very special approach to photography. What is the most challenging in this method?
The most challenging aspect in creating my art is using the microscope. It is a very complex instrument. I’m very comfortable with the camera but I feel I’m always learning about the microscope. Fortunately, my husband is an expert microscopist and has put together a top-notch microscope setup for me to use. So when something goes wrong, I can ask him for help. With that said I would like to learn much more so I can debug all of the problems myself.

Last year you took your micro-crystal art to another level. Created a clothing line based on your artwork. Can you tell us a bit more about this idea?
My family and friends would sum it up with the comment that I don’t sit still well. I want to expand my horizons. As an artist I want to create more. I have been told from the start that my artwork would look great on clothes. I agreed so I started to investigate the prospect. I wanted to start small partly to test the waters.

You seem to come up with new, very special ideas. What are your plans for the near future?
I plan to expand the clothing line to include leggings and other clothing. I have been working on taking components of my crystal images and building a print that can be used as trim on a dress or a splash on a blouse. I also want to incorporate my art into furniture and decorator accessories. From an artist angle, I hope to create a video installation of my crystals growing.

I created a limited amount of small crystal prints and just made them available via my Etsy store at very reasonable prices. I hope to continue this practice and print limited numbers of different images to make available to those who would like art as a small print.

I have many artistic ideas and not enough time in the day.

As if I don’t have enough things to do with my time, I also co-author photography related books with my husband (we are currently on our ninth book) and I have been slowly working on a book about the antics of our ginger cat, Gunther, and our very talkative and sometimes sarcastic African Gray parrot, Einstein.

Where our readers can get more information about your artwork?
Twitter: CRoullardArt
Instagram: CRoullardArt
Pinterest: CRoullardArt

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