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Conservative. Mom. Badass. Writer.

Katie McGuire is a writer at Right Wing News and The Federalist Papers Project. "Mom, owner of a corgi and goldendoodle. Unapologetic for my beliefs." A short introduction like this was more than enough for us to conduct an interview with her.

What is your personal connection with conservatism? 
I became a conservative after writing a letter to my Senator, Slade Gorton, at the age of 10. His kind, prompt response won me over to the Republican Party for life.

Being a supporter of conservative views, do you agree that conservatives use "social issues" as a way to mask economic objectives?
Any ‘issue’ can be a ‘mask’ for anything. I prefer to think that if a conservative is championing a social issue, it is for the greater good of America. The economic issues facing America are separate issues that are addressed on their own merits.

What is the future of Conservatism?
Conservatives play a major role in politics today. There is a quintessential desire for the American people to reconnect to some of the values that have been lost in the era of Obama. I feel that Americans want – and need – to feel that there is someone who understands who and what they stand for. I believe the party is representing the voice of the people, and will be the choice of the voters.

Who is your favorite President?
Ronald Reagan

What is your favorite quote?
‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help’ – Ronald Reagan

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