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Angelica (alias Darcy) is a 15 years old Italian singer and songwriter. In April she will go to the Tour Music Fest where she will perform an Italian and English song. We have conducted an interview with her.

When and why did you start your music career?
I started my music career in October 2015 because, over the years, my passion for music grew and grew, until it became more than a passion. I mean, it became like a medicine for my happiness.

Who influences you the most in your songwriting? Which language(s) do you write for your music?
The truth is that no one influenced me, what I produced, I produced by myself, with no help and no support.

What kind of music do you write?
For my music, I write the most in Italian, that is my mother tongue, but some songs are also in English, because I find this language very elegant.
I write songs in which are played instruments like the violin, the piano and a whole 'orchestra behind.

How does a typical of your life looks like?
A typical of my life is a world where there is music, much music, where people shouldn't be based on popularity, and where you haven't to give a label to identify a person.

What do you plan to do at "Tour Music Fest" and what are your aspirations in the music scene?
At Tour Music Fest the first song I'll sing will be "Say Something" by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera, it's my favourite. Then, I don't know which will be my destiny, but I hope that the judges there, they'll accept me to continue the show. My only aspiration in the music scene is to make people smile and to excite them.

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