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Edge of Something More

Our guest tonight is Andi Loveall, author of contemporary romance novels. Her first book, Edge of Something More, was released this past fall. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which is/are the most essential feelings you want your characters to extend to your readers? 
Laughter, anxiety, doubt, or love? If they feel empathy for the main character, Devin, then I think they’ll feel a little of all of those! This story takes an honest look at the beginnings of a relationship. Not all love stories start off the same. Sometimes it’s love at first sight. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, but something else gets in the way. There are so many things that can happen. I love Devin and Cora’s story. It’s realistic, it’s honest, and it’s far from perfect, but it’s beautiful. I feel grateful to be the vessel that got to witness their love, and I hope the readers enjoy their story as much as I did.

Where do you draw your inspirations to write your first book, "Edge of Something More"?
The idea for the story sort of came out of nowhere. I had a vision of Devin one evening as I was having a bath. As soon as I realized he “existed,” I knew I had to write about him. I was interested in W.W.O.O.F. at the time, which is an organization that helps match travelers with hosts that offer food and sometimes housing in exchange for labor. I decided to make a W.W.O.O.F. location the setting of the book. The rest of the story came together on its own from there.

If you will not be writing contemporary romance, which other genre(s) will you choose to be writing?
I’m writing more contemporary romance. In fact, I have a couple of stories that I’m really excited about in the works right now. But I also write darker stuff. Paranormal, horror, apocalyptic, etc. I’m all over the place. Most of my stories are hard to define, because they are complex and involve a lot of different elements. My romances have plenty of adventure in them, and my adventurous horror stories have plenty of romance. I’ll be writing anything that isn’t contemporary romance under my other name, A.B. Loveall. That way it’ll be easier for me to find my audience with both types of stories.

Who is your favourite character crafted so far? Is this character similar to you/your personality?
If you’re talking about every book I’ve written and not yet published, then that would be a difficult decision! I have a lot of characters, and all of them are special to me. In Edge of Something More, Devin would have to be my favorite. He’s just a good, pure-hearted person. He’s been through hurt, but it makes him even more determined to do great things with his life. In that way, I think he is a bit like myself. I never stay down for too long. Hard times can be devastating but also really motivating to me. I’m willing to take risks and fight for my own happiness.

Where can our readers read more about your book or your future writing works?
My website is, where I also blog about various topics that either relate to my books or are interesting to me in general. Edge of Something More can be found at Amazon.

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