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Al McDade from Wells, Nevada has lost his job as Casino Craps Dealer. He made 1 mistake and it cost him a career at the age 61. Now he would like to make a living on the internet (entrepreneur) rather than another profession. We have conducted an interview with him.

What are Casino Craps? What are the main scope of work of the casino craps dealer? 
Casino craps game is a casino gambling game. It is played with a set of dice. A dealer conducts the game, takes bets and makes payoffs to the customers.

What is the one mistake you've made that cost you your career?
Well after 33 years of being precise I unintentionally made a bad pay off. My pit boss is supposed to correct the mistake, Instead of doing her job she called the gaming commission which they prosecuted me over $26.00. Well no casino would ever hire me after going through this. Even after 33 years of experience.

How do you think we can ever learn from such costly mistakes?
What this mistake has taught me is a person is better off working for your self rather than for some one that could care less about you or job security. Which is what I plan to use the internet for.

What would you like to do using the Internet? With whom and how are you affiliated to?
Becoming self employed. I am affiliated to Hard Core Funnel System.

What kind of email list building are you working on? How does it help in your work?
I am looking to build a list period. I plan on advertising more than one program. The kind of list I am looking to build would be an affiliate list.

As a matter of fact this is the link:

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