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JVTank - working with the vaping industry

Our guest today is Vas Blagodarskiy from Maryland. His new startup JVTank LLc. is trying to save lives by working with the vaping industry. We have conducted an interview with him.

How does your startup help in the personal e-cigarette mods, tanks and liquid nicotine industry?
We connect vape shop owners with one another. Before, they used to compete. Now, they can cooperate.

Please tell us more about the vape product payment processing that your company specialised in?
We allow any U.S. citizen to start accepting all major credit cards for online sales of vape related merchandise.

What are considered high-converting offers?
When 20% of visitors buy, that's a VERY high conversion rate.

Which key information can affiliates track using your platform?
Sales, EPCs, refund rates, conversions - the whole 9 yards!

Is there any waiting period before the withdrawal of cash by affiliates?
Only when they first sign up, but only until they get verified.

How much is the tiny fee to cover the cost of the credit card transaction and the cost of site maintenance per registered user?
5% of everything sold. No payment up front to list your vape gear (e-juices, mods, tanks, RDAs, coils, batteries and chargers... anything like that is allowed). Affiliates don't pay anything when they sell your products and earn commissions. It's free!

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