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Let it Go - Interview with Josh Hawkins

Josh Hawkins has begun his carreer as actor in New York City after he graduated at Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute. Let It Go, directed by Tom Wilton, premiered at London’s Portobello Film Festival is one of Josh's latest works. We have conducted an interview with him.

How would you describe the uniqueness in the indie films which you have made?
The uniqueness stems from the issue that I am addressing, my film follows a model turned bartender as he is diagnosed with HIV. I wanted to make an honest portrayal of what it is like when a man finds this piece of information out about himself. Along with the grey mood and the acting in this film, it all bundles together to make this a really powerful piece.

Who did you collaborate with and which film was premiered at the London's Portobello Film Festival?
I collaborated with actors that have caught my attention which I was very fortunate enough to get for this project, Paul Emile who worked on “The Judge”, Fiona Graham a marvellous teacher/actor who works at the Susan Batson studios and the list continues. The which played at London Portobello Film festival is called “Let it Go”, this was my first collaboration with Tom Wilton who directed, Produced and wrote this movie. Since then Tom and I have collaborated on three other projects.

Which is your most current release and what can audience expect to see as a sneak peek?
The most current release will be WireLines the film mentioned above, I cannot confirm a release date yet as the festival schedule is currently being figured out. However 'Let it Go' is soon to be available on iTunes, here is the link to the trailer of the film

Which was your first role as an actor?
My first role as an actor in film was playing Zeheke in a student film, it was somewhat of a harsh welcoming. I was nervous as hell and kept forgetting my lines but I think those experiences are needed to lear from.

Do you prefer film-making more or acting? Why
I prefer Acting, to give a completely selfish answer first its something that I can’t live without doing, finding a character, studying his ticks, digging his psychology and then bringing him to life ahhh! Whether it be in film or on the stage there is really nothing more fulfilling. I love story telling and acting was my only medium but after the success of Directing Wirelines which I also Acted in, I can definitely see myself directing more in the future.

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