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Live 2 Win

Today we conducted an interview with Alex Thorn, the owner of Thorn Fitness in Chicago, IL. He is the host of the Live 2 Win Podcast on iTunes and he is also releasing his very first book this year on the Kindle Publishing Platform.

What is your background and what inspires you to start "Thorn Fitness" four years ago?
I’ve always been an Entrepreneur From young… I was a Musician for many many years which had the element of creation, self-promotion and team work that led me into my childhood Dream of becoming a Pro Wrestler. I did that for 4 years and realized it took an extreme toll on my body and I needed to fix those torn ligaments and damaged muscles… There was only one real choice and that was health and Fitness. Naturally since self-promotion was something i was used too, I began to call whatever workouts I did, Thorn Fitness and even came up with a logo with no real expectation of training others or even turning into a business but soon enough I was being asked to train friends and family and then strangers and it took off.

Which is your proudest moment in your professional wrestling career in the past and what role does it plays in what you do today?
I have to say that my proudest moment was definitely my last run with the Middleweight title. I was given notice about 8 months in advance that I was next in line to win the championship and it really changed the way I structured my matches. The promoters words to me were “ Alex we’re putting the strap on you at Zero Hour (The event in which I won the title) so you better start looking and acting like a champion”

Those words meant A LOT to me and I took it serious. When a promoter decides that you are going to win a championship no matter what the division may be that means you are now the shining example for the entire division… That’s a lot of pressure. I’ve taken that same pressure and approach to my clients today… When they come to me they are usually at the end of their rope and are ready to have someone reach out and essentially save them. Again with that pressure I make it my mission to show you that you can do this and you have chosen the right brand/trainer to carry you to your goals.

In your personal opinion, how is 'winning' an important motivator as part of personal training?
I’ve never been a very competitive person (Sports Entertainment is Pre-Determined, More Political than competition) but Winning can mean many things to different people. The Thorn Fitness: Live 2 Win Mantra came about because I associate winning with achieving goals you set yourself and in my mind YOU are the only person you should compete against. So if last month someone told you that you couldn’t lose 10lbs and this month you proved them wrong, you won. Another example would be if you are stuck in a crappy job position not paying you what you feel you are worth and you move on to something you are more passionate about that will pay you better, You are the Definition of Live 2 Win. Constantly improving.

What is your first book about and where can our readers find it?
My first book (The Book Of Thorn Vol. 1: Live 2 Win) is going to essentially be my autobiography mixed with life lessons and fitness tips throughout. There are two books I read over the last year really made me think, Rich Gaspari’s “51 Day’s No Excuses” And Paul Stanley’s “Face The Music”. They really opened my eyes because as I read them I consistently found myself saying “WOW, I thought I was the only one!” Or “That was exactly what happened with me… Crazy” And then I realized I would like to have an Impact on my followers like these 2 gentleman had on me… So that those who aren’t into the same idols I am can realise you aren’t alone. Others have felt like you, and everyone started from the bottom. I share some pretty dark stuff but also give highlights and aspirations for the future as well. I plan to release the book on both the Kindle Publishing Platform AND full fledged physical copies that will be available from an upcoming site created solely for the book.

Are you speaking on other channels like podcast?
Absolutely! I have been a guest on several Podcast about Entrepreneurship and pro Wrestling. I also Host my own podcast on iTunes (Live 2 Win with Alex Thorn Available 2x a month on Thursdays) and Shot Of Thorn which is a short inspirational podcast.

What are the most popular podcasts topics/episodes?
So far the biggest traction I have seen, is when I have guest on my podcast. Will Martel, Author of the upcoming book “The Business Of Sports Entertainment” was my 4th episode over a year ago and I STILL receive comments on how helpful or entertaining it was. Most recently my conversation with TNA Wrestling Star Robbie E, Was Amazing. He shared so much great Wrestling information as well as workout routines and Fitness Tips.

At the end of the day I feel blessed to have traveled the roads I Have. I’ve noticed that my life kind of moves in stages of four. I was a professional Musician for about four years, then a Pro Wrestler Then A Personal Trainer. Ultimately this has led me to take it a step further and put everything together…. The network of Professional Relationships I have built have really made me a better person. I feel the Future for Thorn is as bright as it possibly can be, because after all… If you don’t Live 2 Win… then what are you living for?

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