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Manifesting Greatness

Anthony Baafi and Isabelle Mngadi are international speakers, teachers, authors, TV presenters & business consultants. based in London. We have conducted and interview with them on their new self-help/spirituality book "Manifesting Greatness".

What is your new book "Manifesting Greatness" about?
Well first of all, thank you for hosting us. 

Manifesting Greatness is a book with one core aim in mind: it is intended to help people discover, unleash and expand their potential for greatness. It is a book which was written to help everyone live a fulfilling, effective, impactful life. 

Our hope is that people will read this book and learn the principles and strategies for unending success and development.

What are some of the critical questions that you have tried to address in this book?
First of all we wanted to help people see that everyone desires to be great. That is, everyone wants to be a person of substance, wealth, influence and effectiveness; to have amazing relationships and to have control over their life. This is natural. We all experience it. But if you don’t know why you have that desire, and how to fulfil it, you will inevitably turn to the wrong things, and find the wrong solutions. 

So, with this book, we thought it necessary to address 1) what true greatness is; 2) where our desire for greatness comes from; 3) why is important that we manifest it in our lives; and 4) how to sustain a life of greatness, full of constant growth and progress.

These are not simple questions to answer, but unravelling them has been an incredible journey for us, and we are thrilled to be sharing that journey of discovery with other people.

Anthony and Isabelle, you do a lot of other work, professionally. The two of you are speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs, who travel all around the world helping people with their professional problems. Did that impact your approach to this book at all?
Definitely. As consultants, corporate trainers and entrepreneurs, we have met so many people with amazing dreams, ideas, and passions, but somehow, a lot of them are not able to manifest their ideas, or to see them realised as they would want. In many cases this is true professionally and personally.

Now, equipping others to lead in their lives and industries is something that we are passionate about. We believe that everyone can lead in the area of their gifting, and everyone has something valuable to offer the world. Our intention with Manifesting Greatness is to help people discover what that is and to bring it out.

You talk a lot about purpose in the book. Can you elaborate a little on why that is an important aspect of personal development?
The discovery of your purpose is critical for anyone. As we state in the book, your purpose is the central theme of your creation; it reveals why you are here, what you are uniquely destined to accomplish, and also what you especially enabled to do. If you don’t know your purpose, you will inevitably spend your life fulfilling someone else’s dreams, building someone else’s vision, being what someone else thinks you should be, and fitting into a system established by others. You will never leave your own mark on the world, or enhance in the way that you are supposed to. 

Discovering your purpose is also incredibly rewarding and empowering, and so many of the problems of the world would be eradicated is everyone had a strong sense of identity, purpose, and potential.

So clearly your aim is that by the time they have finished reading this book, your viewers will see themselves in a whole new light. Tell me, what would you say to someone who didn’t think they needed the kind of experience that Manifesting Greatness has to offer?
Well, we would emphasise that whether you know it or not, you were made for a purpose, and all the desires deep down inside you are proof of that. You were born to make a positive, lasting impact on humanity; you were made to reveal something wonderful to the world. But maybe you don’t know it yet.

Nonetheless, just remember that your future is worth changing and growing for, and that all the things you’ve maybe given up on can be yours: you just have to be willing to make a change. You have to be open to the bright possibilities of tomorrow.

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