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Mettis Trainer

Mettis Trainer® represents the next generation of wearable technology and connected fitness. Their smart product allow the athlete to monitor how each foot is performing when they need it most, throughout their activity. We have conducted an interview with them.

What are the measures to take for a marathon runner in eliminating injuries versus performance? 
Keeping track of the runner's gair, pressure points on feet, cadence as well as supination and pronation during the run. Then making the runner aware of any changes they make during the run. This would allow the runner to make a change or maintain what they are doing, all in real time.

How does detecting of pressure points of the inserts as a wearable tech help athletes in their trainings? 
Identifying the percentage of weight distributed in the medial, lateral and heel of each foot provides the athlete to be in control of his or her training. Being able to identify if the athlete is over-pronating or supinating during activity is very valuable information that they can correct immediately rather than reviewing statistics post activity.

Why is vital to have good form while running? 
It is vital to have a good form to make sure that the runner can continue to run without injury. Our bodies can handle running with poor form for a limited amount of time however, once the discomfort settles in the threat of a serious injury is likely to occur.

Which are the key product innovation in your product for maximisation of trainings and perfecting skills? 
We believe that providing real-time feedback to the athlete is key. We have the ability to allow the athlete to customize the data that they want reported during their run. If an athlete wants to improve speed they have control during their run to receive audio feedback informing them of their running metrics.

The fusion of technology and physiology is no longer just science fiction fare nor fantasy, as a sneak peek, what could we possibly expect to see from your company's wearable biofeedback tech in 2020? That's an exciting questions. With the rapid pace of technology integrating into our everyday lives I would anticipate that we will have the ability to have real time coaching from an athletes personal coach, not just reading of running metrics. Being able to have a coach watch your metrics in real time from anywhere and be able to advise the athlete literally "on the run", may even be closer than 2020.

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