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Ferah Ana Maria - the founder of located in London UK - is a creative & innovative web developer who codes your ideas by building crafted online experiences. We have conducted an interview with her.

I regularly attend IT related events as I am also interested in this topic and 90% of the professionals I meet there are male. Can you please tell us a bit about your background? What made you to choose this field that is dominated by men so much?
I attend IT related events as well and I encounter the same gender issue you have mentioned and I can say it’s a bit challenging from this point of view but it isn’t a problem at all and never been. I don’t know at this point if I chose IT or IT chose me but this is what I enjoy doing. I didn’t pick my career path but instead I decided to turn my passion and my hobby into a job and that is what makes my mornings great as each day is an excitement for me. I started as a freelancer and later on I built my own web agency and my own team. It’s a matter of skills and not gender.

How would you encourage other women to enter this field?
I encourage everyone to follow their dream, their joys, passion but if there are women who would want to enter web development because it is what they actually want and see themselves doing in life, they should go for it and leave aside all types of fears as there is place for anyone in every area and each person is unique and has its own input in that field. The more the better as it will increase the quality, the creativity and it will push to evolution. Be whatever you want to be and the world will join you on your path.

You are a web designer and IT-manager, too. What advantage this combination of knowledge gives you and your company on the market?
The main advantage is that during meetings with clients upon overviewing their needs I can easily evaluate in real-time their project from a web development perspective, timeframe estimation and so on. I can easily manage my team and the brainstorming meetings for picking the best technology or approach for a particular client are quite constructive. Being able to combine both I can find the best solutions for both parties and controlling the project from start to end. I choose this as when I need certain services I prefer talking directly to professionals who can advice me properly instead of making a sale or acting like a middle-person and losing time in communication.

How you see the future of web-design? What are the most promising tendencies and the biggest challenges in this field?
It is quite hard to predict the future in the web and currently I see a lot of testing on different parts of web sites trying to find the best approach that will benefit a larger amount of people. I love taking one step at a time and enjoy all its benefits trying to overcome the trends but actually becoming a trend-setter. We tend to go more and more mobile and act on a higher speed as time seems the biggest enemy of us all. But being focused and staying on top of things will turn all the challenges into opportunities.

Where you see your future for the coming next 10 years as designer?
In 5 or 10 years I see myself in the IT field also as once a coder always a coder but looking forward in developing greater things at a higher extend. Reviewed by JaamZIN on 10:02:00 AM Rating: 5
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