Marthe Bræin from Norway is a florist who just started uploading gaming videos on youtube and we asked her about her passion in our newest interview.

What are your favourite types of games in the last 2 years?
In the last two years I have mostly been playing the popular mmo World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and lately I have been really into Rocket League.

What genres of games have you featured on your Youtube channel?
I have mostly uploaded Hearthstone and Overwatch on my YouTube channel. I am currently playing Ori and the Blind Forrest and I am having a ton of fun! My Alice in Wonderland: Madness Returns playthrough is currently on a break while I fix som technical issues. There is plenty to come and I have got lots of plans for the future!

Which model of games consoles do you own?
I only play on my PC

In the near future, what are your aspirations in the gaming arena?
I'm planing to record Rocket League, finish Ori and the blind forrest and Alice. Create more Overwatch videos with better editing when it's released!

How different is being a florist by education compare to being a youtube video gamer?
Since I have a full time jobb I focus on getting out atleast one video a week! Since I go through maybe 20 recordings where maybe one is good enough. Unless I play adventure games where I Edit away the deaths and try to make it as clean as possible. But as a Florist working with alive material You dont have the oppertunities to pick out the best decorations out of 20. You have to make it perfect the first time. Giving less room for errors!

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