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My experience as educator

Chasity Strawder from Toledo, Ohio is an educator. We have conducted an interview with her about her experience.

What is your greatest strengths and what was the most amazing experience you had as an educator?
My greatest strengths as an educator are my classroom management skills, and my ability to build a relationship with each of my students.

My most amazing experience as an educator was dancing with my students to the song "Respect" by Aretha Franklin in a school performance.

A proficient communicator makes an excellent teacher, how much do you agree with this statement?
Effective communication is very important as an educator. I am responsible for teaching the curriculum as well as reporting the academic progress of my students to my supervisor and my parents. Verbal and written communication is very essential to success.

What do you consider are important measurements within an innovative curriculum for our next generation?
Important measurements within an innovative curriculum should include the subjects of math, reading, writing, and spelling. The progress should be noted weekly so that the teacher can make necessary adjustments to seating charts, teaching techniques, and his/her lesson plans.

Based on your experience, what is/are the most appropriate and effective way(s) to keep your students engaged?
I believe that the most effective way to keep students engaged is to have student-centered learning. Desks should be set up in small groups. The teacher's desk can be somewhere in the middle of the room. Students should lead discussions in small groups as well as for whole class discussions.

There is a Zen proverb: "Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day." Which is one inspirational quote that you like the most about learning and education?
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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