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Online marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

Sirio from Italy currently works fulltime in a software company and in his free time he started creating his own online marketing business. We have conducted an interview with him about his experiences.

What made you to enter online marketing business? 
It all started, when I was searching for possibilities to earn some extra money online. If I learned one thing in that period is, that you really have to be carefull. Stay away from sites that say "get rich fast" or something like that... There really is no possibility to get rich fast without a high risk. During my research period I faced a lot of scams and that's why I really want to warn you, don't trust everybody on the internet.

After long research I knew which possibilities you have to earn money online but I didn't know how to realize them. Then I fortunately got to Wealthy Affiliate. It's like a university where you learn step by step how to build your own online business and not only, it's much more than that.

And so with the help of Wealthy Affiliate I created my first website called Movie ReviewZ. I post there regulary articles about movies like reviews, quotes, top movies lists and so on. I am planing to create a forum in future.

You mentioned to us that you faced a lot of scams and fraud in this field. Which way you thing this phenomenon affects the industry?
People that know the internet an know that there are a lot of scams out there are much more careful. For the honest ones on the internet it's an advantage and disadvantage. The first contact you make online has to be trustworthy and you have to create a connection between you and the user, so that one day they can trust you. All this scams, they won't last for long... The word of mouth spreads fast, the problem is that there are always coming up new scams. And so the advantage of the honest ones is that they are honest.

Your first project is a movie review site. Why did you chose this topic?
When you start the courses on Wealthy Affiliate on of the first tasks is to pick a niche. A niche should be something specific and something you are passionate about. Well I picked movies in general, it's not one of the easiest niches to start with but I am passionate about movies and so I wanted to share my passion with others.

You built your business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Can you share with us your experiences with this site?
Wealthy Affiliate is, like I already said, a University where you learn how to build your own online business, but that's not all. It's a hosting service too. That means you can easily build a website through Wealthy Affiliate with just some clicks, and one of the greatest things: the community. Everybody on Wealthy Affiliate has the same goal and everyone makes different experiences with it. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where people all over the world try to reach together the goal to create their own online business. So there are no unanswered questions on Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for free, take a peek in the first course and create your first free website. You can sign up here.

What you think is the potential of online marketing for the future and which way you see your future in this business?
I think that now is just the right time to get in touch with online marketing because in future it will get more important and more difficult to be successful. Online marketing has a great potential for everyone: If you want to start you own business or if you already have one and want to step it up, online marketing is the answer for both.

My future will be to help others in getting successful. Sure I will run some websites and try to expanse my online business, but I am sure that one of my main roles will be to help others to build their own business.

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