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Piers Bella Vita

Pier is promoting health, wellness and weight loss products and recruit new distributors at We have conducted an interview with her.

What was your motivation to enter the health and wellness business?
At 27 I had a massive stroke due to a congenital narrowing in an artery. After the stroke I had to relearn to walk and had many physical challenges but my cognitive processes were unaffected and I desperately needed a distraction so I returned to school and studied naturopathy.

Because of the stroke I had my children late in life and raising children is not something I wanted to do on disability. It was important to me that they see me working. I was trained as a naturopath so health and wellness was a natural fit.

Which way the products you sell are helping people?
My children were both delivered C-section and caused my great difficulties with both hips and my lower back. I began to have such pain moving I slowed down and had difficulty maintaining my weight, especially around my middle, which was unusual for me. It Works offers wraps that target this stubborn belly fat, much like the sit ups I used to be so good at. Additionally, I started taking the Greens daily and I lost 7 lbs in the first month! Then I noticed the skin on my hands starting to look crepe like so I started using the defining gel and I was stunned at the results. I've only been doing this a short while and there are many other products I have yet to try!

Also, I had an addiction to Monsters and Rock stars and I used the Energy drinks from It Works to break that cycle. They don't give you the gitters and aren't addictive so I can still enjoy them occasionally but I don't crave them uncontrollably.

Your business model is built on direct sale model. What you offer for new distributors if they consider to join?
A new distributor comes in for $99 but can sell all four wraps that come with the kit for $30.00 each and recoup that cost plus some! Everything we do can be done from a smart phone using social media and the company offers a website (product ships directly to the customer) and a training course to get you started, plus you'll be part of my team and we all work together! If you want to stay home with your kids or you need to stay home like me there is no better way to earn income without a substantial investment. The first level of income averages at $599 p/m. But it only increases. Some distributors bring in $10,000 p/m. It all depends on what you put into it!

Where people can reach you for more information?
Pier_Fuhrman on Instagram or Piersbellavita on Facebook. Piers Bella Vita on Twitter.
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