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Real Life Trading

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is 27 and he considers himself an entrepreneur. He started a company called "Real Life Trading" to teach people how the stock market works and how they can trade it and take advantage of it to generate some additional income. We have conducted an interview with him:

Which is one of your most amazing experiences that leads you to share your knowledge in trading and to teach trading?
The most amazing experience for me began in my early 20's. I was working a full time job at an insurance company (which I really did love by the way) and I began making enough that I was able to contemplate 'retirement' at the age of 22. The reason for the quotes is, many people think retirement is quitting working forever. That's really not it. Retirement is often just doing what you want to do, when you want to do it and still making an income. That's what I began to experience at a very young age and I was truly blessed.

What are the myths and what should one note about how stock market works?
Oh man, there are so many myths! The first is that the stock market is gambling. The easiest way to disprove that is “most religions ban gambling, but allow their congregations to invest. Bam, that’s like huge proof right there that the stock market is not gambling. Other explanations are simple. For example, in gambling, once your money is out there on the table, it’s gone if you’re wrong. In trading, you have the ability to ‘put all of your money on the table’ and easily mitigate your risk if you’re wrong. You can take small, controlled risks and over periods of time, hopefully see rewards. There are truly numerous examples I can provide. Simple fact is, investing in the markets is not gambling.

The other biggest myth I would have to say, is you have to be ‘really smart and/or really good at math’ to trade the stock market. That’s totally false. I’m quite terrible at math actually. It helps to know simple math. Adding, subtracting and percentages, butt trading is simply about knowledge. Don’t let fear hold you back from understanding something as common as house insurance, car insurance or a savings account at your bank.

Another myth is ‘you have to have tons of money to invest in the stock market’. Truly, you can start with any amount of money. Even if you are young, you can start saving and then start investing. It’s never to early or to late to start.

Please explain what is selling naked options and what are the ways someone can take advantage of it?
Naked options! Wow. We are really jumping into it quickly. HAHA. Well, let me quickly explain what an option is. An option is truly just insurance for a position. As I mentioned above, you can buy house insurance, car insurance and you can buy insurance on your stock. Many people don’t know that and especially are clueless on how to protect themselves. For example if AAPL is at 106 and you buy a 105 insurance position and AAPL tanks to 100, you have the right to sell at 105. Obviously, you still lost $1.00 per share (106-105) but your losses were severely mitigated. This is similar to home insurance. If your house was damaged in a fire (and your home insurance covered it) the damages would be repaired. You wouldn’t get a brand new house, but it would offset the potential of loss.

Selling naked options is simply selling the insurance to other traders and investors. It’s like becoming an insurance agent and an insurance company at the same time. Your objective is to collect small premiums weekly and monthly while avoiding a stock ‘crash’ or sell off. That’s how insurance companies make money right? They review you as a driver, make sure you’re not horrendous on the road and then insure you. Then, they hope you don’t wreck. Same thing in the market. I actually love selling naked options. There’s a time and place for them and I do consider them a very advanced form of trading. Just last month, we netted over 20% from doing these type of option trades. Yes, 20% ROI, in one month.

How can someone interested in trading take advantage of "Real Life Trading”?
Beautiful question! Thanks for asking. We are all over the internet! People who are interested should hop over to our website and click on the tab that interests them most. We offer 100% free education for total beginners, to day traders, or advanced option traders. Also, I suggest subscribing to our YouTube Channel We post epic stock content often. Also, like our Facebook page. From there, it’s as simple as emailing me if anyone has any other questions. My email is

In which ways are your teaching (style or material) easy and enjoyable for other people?

Well, when I was younger, I really wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t want to work for anyone else. So a primary question I had for a while was ‘how can I teach something I love and work my own hours?’ It slowly worked itself into the perfect job, which I have now. The mission of Real Life Trading is To Enrich Lives. Our objective is to teach in such a simplistic way that a 7 or 97 year old can be engaged by our material. We use music, colors. graphs, videos, prizes, polls and other various techniques to keep people engaged, entertained and enriched. The reason it’s all FREE is because I was tired of hearing peoples excuse of ‘it costs too much money to learn’. Now ,I have been able to remove that barrier from them. It literally does not cost a dime . A lot of people ask “Jerremy, why is it free? You’ll never make money that way?” My response is usually “How much does Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn cost?” We are here to Enrich Lives people! And we will continue to do just that! 

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