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Silent Symphonies

Sally Chiwuzie - author of Silent Symphonies, blogger, working single mother of two kids and entrepreneur. Silent Symphonies is a book about a woman's journey of self discovery and the realistic encounters we encounter in life. She recently held a women's event called 'A Night of Stories' where women got together to listen to stories about being unshakable. We have conducted an interview with Sally.

Which song was with the meaningful lyrics that first lifted you?
My parents were big Whitney Houston fans so growing up, I would say 'The Greatest love of all' stirred my heart

Who are the people that attended "A Night of Stories" - your event on 21/11?
There was a diverse cross-section of women in attendance. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great to see

Is it challenging for you to lead a women's movement with so many different roles in your life?
It's harder than a lot of people think and quite often I feel like tipping the scales in favour of one aspect of my life to the detriment of another, but isn't that most people these days? The hustle is real, but we get on with it - Dream chasing and legacy building

What is 'the essence' that keeps you going?
Dream chasing and legacy building. That at the end, I will look back and say that at every point, I was the best version of me in existence and I did my best with a metaphoric 'I was here' stamp to prove it.

While writing your book: "Silent Symphonies", what did you learn about the journey of self discovery?
I learnt that life is never black and white, always fraught with indecipherable shades of grey but it's what we do with it and the path we choose that makes the difference.

How important are realistic encounters in your life? How do you build the comprehensive guide in your own way?
I blog almost everyday about my daily encounters and the real, raw and relevant emotions I encounter as a woman, mother, worker and human being and I refer to my lessons learnt log as a guide to continuous self improvement. This helps me build a guide and an audit trail, if you like. I keep referring to my log to help me be the best version of myself in circulation at any point in time.

What makes you describe Silent Symphonies as a "non-fluffy" love story? 
The typical love story has a good or bad end and the content can be predictable. I think Silent Symphonies focusses on realistic encounters - the truth as it happens in modern society without sugar coating or gimmicks.

How do people learn more about you?
Please visit me - for details of how to get a copy of Silent Symphonies and how to access my blogs by following me on Twitter, google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

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